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follower shield dks3 ashes of ariandel

Follower Shield

Follower Shield is one of the new items in Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel. It is the one used by the Followers, the basic…

Full Morne's Set Dark Souls 3

Morne’s Armor Set

Morne’s Armor Set, Morne’s Great Hammer and Moaning Shield are all parts of a set of equipment used by Eygon of Carim. You can get…

Curse Ward Greatshield Dark Souls 3

Curse Ward Greatshield

Curse Ward Greatshield is one of the many shields in Dark Souls 3. This greatshield has a unique look. Its size and look fit perfectly…

Shield of Want Dark Souls 3

Shield of Want

Shield of Want is a one-of-a-kind item in Dark Souls 3. It’s unique because it increases the number of souls you get when defeating enemies….

Dragon Crest Shield Dark Souls 3

Dragon Crest Shield

Dragon Crest Shield is an item found in Dark Souls 3. This is one of the overall best shields in the game. It has great…

Spider Shield Dark Souls 3

Spider Shield

Spider Shield is yet an another unique looking item in Dark Souls 3. Beside its unique look, it useful because it provides high resistance to…

grass crest shield dks3 showcase

Grass Crest Shield in DkS3

Grass Crest Shield is an item in Dark Souls 3. It’s a kite shield with vines engraved on the front, which increases your stamina regeneration…