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Nameless King is an optional boss in Dark Souls 3. He can be found in the hidden zone of Archdragon Peak.
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This is probably the hardest boss to beat in the game and the additional rewards like armor sets, weapons and miracle are just a small plus. This guide will show you how to beat Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, what you can expect to get.

How to beat Nameless King

Name: King of the Storm, Nameless King
Area: Archdragon Peak
The Closest Bonfire: Great Belfry
The Basic Rewards: Soul of the Nameless King, 80,000 souls, Titanite Slab, Dragonslayer Set (Helm, Armor, Gauntlets, Leggings), Nameless King Set (Golden Crown, Dragonscale Armor, Golden Bracelets, Dragonscale Waistcloth).

To start the fight with the Nameless King you have to toll the giant bell by pulling the lever near the Great Belfry bonfire. In the first phase, you’ll fight against the King riding a big dragon, while in the second phase he’ll be all alone but twice as deadly.

During the first phase, you’ll want to stay in front of the boss’ right side and wait for his attacks. The one attack you want to look for is the one where he charges his weapon with lighting (it has a specific sound effect) and hurls towards you. This is the best time to attack the head, if you avoid the initial strike. Do not stay close to the dragon’s legs, as this will force it to fly into the air and perform a devastating fire breath attack over a huge area. Other opportunities for attack come as he swings his non-charged weapon up to three times or the dragon starts to breathe fire in a frontal cone.

The second phase is another story. The only 100% safe moment to attack is when the Nameless King jumps in the air and hurls himself toward the player. Once you move toward him and/or dodge this attack, you’ll have a short window of opportunity where you can attack without problems. You can base your entire tactic on just this one moment and wait for the right opportunity while you spend more time in phase 2 and eventually learn some of his moves. Other than this, you are faced with strong attacks where he swipes his weapon right and left, charges and slams, pokes, fires a lighting bolt, lighting waves, crush waves…

Nameless King Tips and Tricks

There is a rather simple tactic for the 2nd phase that almost feels like cheating. It is based on the same quick kill you can use on Dancer of the Boreal Valley that we’ve already described. It consists of using a Greatshield with over 70 stability (100 Physical absorption and high lighting resistance). Hiding behind this shield will make the boss drain your stamina more than health, letting you live just long enough to complete those series of occasional strikes. Have fun!

Nameless King Main Rewards

The soul you get from him can be transposed into a spell, sword or Swordspear:
  • Lighting Storm: Requires a minimum of 45 Faith in order to call forth furious bolts of lighting.
  • Storm Curved Sword: Slashed Curved Sword that has the Tornado skill, it also requires 14 Strength and 20 Dexterity points at least.
  • Dragonslayer Swordspear: Standard/Thrust Spear that does Physical and Lighting damage. It requires a minimum of 16 Strength, 22 Dexterity and 18 Faith. The Falling Bolt skill is the one Nameless King tortures you with during the combat.

Nameless King Move Set

King of The Storm:
  • Jump over – the boss repositions himself.
  • Charged weapon attack – the boss charges up his weapon and hurls towards the player’s location. Does massive damage and the best opportunity to attack the boss is upon avoiding it.
  • Weapon swings – Up to three attacks, usually comes after the dragon lowers its head.
  • Fire breath – The dragon breathes fire in a conical shape.
  • Fire blast – Happens if you find yourself underneath the Nameless King or close to the Dragon’s legs for a longer period. You can avoid damage by running out of it’s blast radius as fast as you can.
  • Flying attacks – Once the dragon starts flying around you, the boss charges up the weapon and shoots lighting toward you. Shortly after, there is an another weapon attack when the dragon comes rushing toward you.
Nameless King:
  • Weapon swipe – Usualy comes as two strikes.
  • Weapon poke – Usualy comes after the swipes, knocks players back on hit.
  • Weapon slam – Usualy comes after the swipes.
  • Weapon charge poke – Avoid at all cost, does massive damage as he stabs the player with the weapon and throws them in a random direction.
  • Lighting strike slam – The King hits the ground in front of him with lighting bolts shooting in several directions.
  • Lighting & thunder – The King touches his weapon with his left hand and raises it in the air for a thunder strike.
  • Unarmed hand lighting – It charges fast and hits the location of the player at the start of the charge.
  • Charging Waves (two moves) – If the Nameless King swipes his weapon, a large wave is hurled toward the player. Move to the side as soon as possible to avoid damage. If he slams the ground with the weapon, a charging wave heads toward the player. If you dont dodge out of the way it will damage and knock you back.
  • Jump charge attack – The King jumps into the air and dives toward the player. The best opportunity to attack is once you avoid this strike.
  • Charge swipe – The king dashes toward the player and does a 360 degrees spin attack.
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