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Ashes of Ariandel is bringing a total of five new armor sets to Dark Souls 3. One of those can only be obtained through farming, another is a boss reward, while the rest are hidden across the new area, the Painted World of Ariandel.
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They’ll provide you with bits of lore, confidence in your good looks, and even protection. Although no-one really cares about protection.
In this guide, we’re going to show you all new Ashes of Ariandel armor sets in Dark Souls 3, what they look like and their stats.

Ashes of Ariandel Outfits

UPDATE: Here’s a complete list of armor sets you can get in the DLC:
  • Ordained Set – The dress worn by Sister Friede, coupled with a wimple and a curious choice of trousers.
  • Vilhelm’s Set – The armor worn by a knight of the Sable Church. It’s sleek and shiny, with a short decorative cape.
  • Slave Knight Set – The outfit worn by the NPC who leads you into the Painted World.
  • Millwood Knight Set – The armor with the elk horns and long cape, worn by the burly mountain warriors.
  • Follower Set – The armor worn by Farram’s Followers, the first enemies you’ll encounter.
They’re all pretty much amazing, visually. The horned helmet from the Millwood set is definitely going to be a hit in Fashion Souls circles. We’re also expecting to a see a lot of nun cosplayers, thanks to the Ordained set.

ORIGINAL TEXT: The armor in the image below is worn by a monk-like figure from the trailers – the one who hands the player character the cloth piece. It looks like it’s studded leather with some plate elements, coupled with leather boots and a red hooded cloak. If he’s an actual NPC in the game, we’ll probably be able to kill him and snag his clothes.

The run-of-the-mill hollow enemies we’ve seen in the forest wear uniforms we’ll certainly get to try out ourselves. They have pointed helmets, fur cloaks of varying length and leather armor with lots of straps underneath.

There was also the giant enemy by the tower, wearing full plate armor. He has a majestic helmet with elk antlers (we’ve also seen a variant with moose antlers). He’s covered in a glorious two-part cloak with a fur collar and a giant tree vowen into the back.

Finally, the woman wielding a scythe – the one before the boss with the pot – has a white robe and a black hood/wimple, with what seems like a leather bodice. Since most boss outfits end up being available to players, we hope this one will as well.

We’ll find out for sure on October 25th, which is when the Ashes of Ariandle DLC is going to launch. We’re going to update this guide once it’s out.

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