PC controls in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 can be played on a gamepad or using a keyboard and mouse. If you’re having problems memorizing all the different commands and what each button does, we’ve got you covered. This guide will list the PC controls in Dark Souls 3.

List of PC controls in Dks3

WASD = Move
Q = Target lock
E = Interaction/pick up
Space = Dodge
Space = Jump
Left ctrl = parry / weapon arts
Left click = attack
shift + left click = Strong attack
W + SHIFT + left mouse button= jump attack
W + left mouse button = kick
right click = block
G = Gestures
ESC = menu
Hold left Alt to sneak / walk
Q = Camera reset / Lock on
R=Use item

dark souls 3 pc contols

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  1. R

    Is there a way to change the press A from xbox to Something like Press E as on you’re keyboard , i cant find where to change this

    1. D

      same problem :/

      1. J

        Did you guys find a solution to this? I’m playing with keyboard/mouse on pc as well, and I don’t like that the overlay is by default the controller buttons. Like the example, from “A” to “press e on keyboard” did you guys find anything on it? I would like to change it as well

        1. M

          You can right click in a lot of the menus which brings up a little popup with all the options at the bottom of the screen, marked again with the corresponding controller key, but also clickable, like a regular right click context menu on a pc 🙂

        2. F

          any solutions to this i just want it to show computer keys instead of controller keys

  2. A

    Hello, i tried parrying but it doesn’t work for me 🙁 playing as a deprived so it is essential for the first boss. Tried ctrl spam, ctrl+W ctrl+right mouse button tried with a shield, with no shield. It doesn’t seem to work can anyone help me? Thanks

    1. C

      If you press ctrl and the shield is up, then parrying works, you just have to time it right.

    2. V

      Pretty sure the starting shield as Deprived can’t parry. I thought it was just a useless shove attack.

    3. I

      for me parry is left shift plus right click

  3. L

    For the bow skill, you have to use SHIFT + left and right click at the same time. Took me a while to find that stuff and it’s posted nowhere else on the damn internet >.<

    1. R

      Holy heck, thank you so much. I’ve been looking ages for this. Your comment was the only source, lol.

  4. H

    How can i switch arrows?

  5. S

    E is in there twice.

  6. G

    To change arrows you go to eqouipment and next to your left hand weapons there will be
    th arrows.
    The only way to change them

  7. A

    How can I use the Katana weapon art?

    1. E

      press “F” to go two handed and then press control, and maybe left click to release

  8. A

    u cant even change all KB with whatever u like shame on the game creators….. the same idiot think with blade and souls trash game i played the game cracked and KB change work on every KB i wanted now i fell like i i buy the game for no reason i will never buy again a dark soul game

  9. A

    and ofc u cant play the game with a controller of ur choise and its bannable also ………….shame on them again ps4 controller and xbob ones arent good for games 100% i will never buy or support em again

  10. A
    A Duck

    w + left mouse button = kick

    *Presses w and left mouse button*

    *doesn’t kick*

    for anyone who’s experienced with the keyboard controls, help please?

    1. V

      if you insta press both “W”+LMB at the same time you will perform the kick

  11. H

    What should I press If I want to cast The farron Dart. It is on My “hotbar” but it is kinda faded gray. Or IS it just because I dont have enough something. (My first souls game.)

  12. U

    Is it possible to circle stratih in this game?
    How can I do it?

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