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Soul of The Rotted Greatwood is a unique item in Dark Souls 3. It is a boss drop, and you’ll get it by defeating the Curse-rotted Greatwood.
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After obtaining it, you’ll be able to use it to craft some great weapons, or consume it for a lot of souls. This guide will show you what to craft with Soul of The Rotted Greatwood and where to find it.

dks3 soul of the rotted greatwood

Rotted Greatwood Soul

This boss soul will drop after you kill the Curse-rotted Greatwood in the Undead Settlement. You could either use it and gain several thousand souls from it (we don’t know the specific amount yet), or you could save it and use it to create an amazing weapon.

Bring the Transposing Kiln (obtained from the same boss) to Firelink Shrine, and give it to Ludleth. After that, he’ll start performing the service of turning boss souls into unique equipment. Here’s what you can choose to turn this soul into:

  • Arstor’s Spear: Aside from doing physical damage to opponents, this spear also inflicts some darkness damage. Killing enemies with it will restore some health points to the player – the amount is still unknown. It scales nicely with dexterity, and its skill allows you to disregard blocks and do damage through shields.
  • Hollowslayer Greatsword: This large sword is particularly effective against Hollows. It has a higher than normal chance to land critical hits and a C in dexterity scaling. It allows you to use a stance, which opens up the possibility of breaking an opponent’s block.
If it turns out there’s more to do with the Soul of The Rotted Greatwood, we’ll update this guide accordingly.




  1. J
    Jon Turner

    The Soul of the Rotted Greatwood awards 3000 souls. I literally just did it 3 seconds ago and had this up and ready to comment. Neither weapon was important for me. It makes sense because the soul awarded from Vordt gave 2000 souls.

  2. K
    Kyle Hans

    I just gave the kiln to Ludleth and I have the option for hollowslayer ( AP 145 +58), arstors spears ( AP 118 +47), vordts great hammer ( AP 176 +70), pontiffs left eye (recovers HP with successive attacks). Not sure what I’m going to pick yet. Seems to me that you get more weapon options as you kill the bosses? Hopefully we get some more feedback from other players on this.

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