Errors & Problems in Automatron | Fallout 4

Automatron, the first piece of DLC for Fallout 4, has been released. As is often the case, it’s not without its fair share of problems.
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People are already complaining about things not working as intentded. Most of these are bugs in the code, and cannot be solved with a workaround. It’s best to just learn to avoid them. This guide will show you a list of errors & problems in Automatron and how to avoid or solve them.

errors problems automatron

Can’t rename Automatrons

Some people are complaining about being unable to rename their robots. Once they choose the name and accept it, the game just reverts it to the “Automatron-XXX” format. This is a known issue, and there’s nothing you can do about it, if you’re experiencing it. Try to color-code your robots, and wait for a patch.

Automatrons disappear inside Mechanist’s Lair

There have been reports of robot companions vanishing into thin air while doing the mission inside Mechanist’s Lair. It seems to be tied with having Sentry bot legs, so avoid using those until you’ve finished the mission. The robots get stuck in door frames and disappear after a struggle. After they do, there’s no way to bring them back – not by way of the Robot Workbench or the command console. Save often and in different slots.

Automatron not working on PS4

Sony is working to prop Automatron for the North American PlayStation Store. Some people in Asia have also been complaining about not being able to download it.

Automatron Settlers Not Working

Some players have reported that, after assigning a robot buddy to a post in a settlement (vendor, defence, field work), they glitch out and stop functioning. Vendors don’t offer vendor dialogue, field workers tend to the crop, then freeze after picking it up, defense bots stand with their backs turned to the guard posts.

There’s nothing to be done until a patch arrives, so just stay patient and don’t waste time on robot settlers if they don’t work out on the first try.

Codsworth Customization Hat Bug

Codsworth, your old robo-butler, can also be customzied at the Robot Workbench. Something isn’t working right, though, so if you put him in the machine, he’ll lose his ability to wear hats. You don’t even have to change anything on him for the bug to appear. As soon as he sets foot onto the metal plates of the workbench, he won’t be able to use headwear anymore.

It’s obviously not working as intended, so we presume it’ll be fixed at some point. You can basically choose between the vanilla Codsworth with a hat, or an upgraded one without a hat.

Automatrons Turning Hostile

There have been reports of Automatron robots turning hostile and attacking the player as soon as they step off the production line. There’s no explanation for this kind of behaviour. It’s not supposed to happen, but there’s a lot of things interacting here, so it might take some time until it’s repaired. If this happens to you, simply avoid creating new bots until it’s fixed.