Errors & Problems in Automatron | Fallout 4

Automatron, the first piece of DLC for Fallout 4, has been released. As is often the case, it’s not without its fair share of problems.
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People are already complaining about things not working as intentded. Most of these are bugs in the code, and cannot be solved with a workaround. It’s best to just learn to avoid them. This guide will show you a list of errors & problems in Automatron and how to avoid or solve them.

errors problems automatron

Can’t rename Automatrons

Some people are complaining about being unable to rename their robots. Once they choose the name and accept it, the game just reverts it to the “Automatron-XXX” format. This is a known issue, and there’s nothing you can do about it, if you’re experiencing it. Try to color-code your robots, and wait for a patch.

Automatrons disappear inside Mechanist’s Lair

There have been reports of robot companions vanishing into thin air while doing the mission inside Mechanist’s Lair. It seems to be tied with having Sentry bot legs, so avoid using those until you’ve finished the mission. The robots get stuck in door frames and disappear after a struggle. After they do, there’s no way to bring them back – not by way of the Robot Workbench or the command console. Save often and in different slots.

Automatron not working on PS4

Sony is working to prop Automatron for the North American PlayStation Store. Some people in Asia have also been complaining about not being able to download it.

Automatron Settlers Not Working

Some players have reported that, after assigning a robot buddy to a post in a settlement (vendor, defence, field work), they glitch out and stop functioning. Vendors don’t offer vendor dialogue, field workers tend to the crop, then freeze after picking it up, defense bots stand with their backs turned to the guard posts.

There’s nothing to be done until a patch arrives, so just stay patient and don’t waste time on robot settlers if they don’t work out on the first try.

Codsworth Customization Hat Bug

Codsworth, your old robo-butler, can also be customzied at the Robot Workbench. Something isn’t working right, though, so if you put him in the machine, he’ll lose his ability to wear hats. You don’t even have to change anything on him for the bug to appear. As soon as he sets foot onto the metal plates of the workbench, he won’t be able to use headwear anymore.

It’s obviously not working as intended, so we presume it’ll be fixed at some point. You can basically choose between the vanilla Codsworth with a hat, or an upgraded one without a hat.

Automatrons Turning Hostile

There have been reports of Automatron robots turning hostile and attacking the player as soon as they step off the production line. There’s no explanation for this kind of behaviour. It’s not supposed to happen, but there’s a lot of things interacting here, so it might take some time until it’s repaired. If this happens to you, simply avoid creating new bots until it’s fixed.




  1. M

    Another bug. When the machinist comes out of his base to talk with me he immediately turns aggressive and attacks me

    1. P

      I found the fix to it, you have to disarm and get out of any power armor you may be wearing.

        1. B

          Any equipment with Targeting abilities will make him hostile… If you f.eks use a mod that makes Patrolman sunglasses have the Targetting and highlight ability. That fucks it up g00d. Just remove any head or eyewear and it should prop work… Includes Power armor helmets. (Remove em).

          1. D

            That’s complete rubbish. I used power armour with target tagging- still completed it and also kept mechanist alive and friendly

      1. D

        this worked for me

    2. K
      Kurt Smith

      Mine won’t even come out, he just stands there.

      1. M

        did you find a solution? i have the same problem

        1. S

          same, still looking for a solution as well. this bug is very Frustrating!!

          1. R

            Im still looking for a solution to the game not continuing and letting me talk to the mechanist after i killed all his robots. I CANT FIGURE IT OUT FOR THE LIFE OF ME. Im just stuck in the room with ada. the only solutions i have seen is console commands but that is useless on ps4

          2. A

            You could go through the back door, this would require master hacking and the three voice print cards within the facility

      2. W

        If you use NMM make sure the DLCRobot.esm is enabled. Mine was not yet I was able o play the mission right up to when I was supposed to talk to the Machinists after I defeated the robots. Enabling the esm fixed the issue.

        1. M

          I had this problem. I loaded a previous autosave, which was right before I entered the room where you fight the machinist. The solution is to NOT shoot any of the robots while they’re hanging on the overhead conveyors. Wait for them to drop down then kill them. This moves the fight forward, at least it did for me (on PS4).

          1. I

            I had this problem, except I have a habit of pausing with the pip boy. So, it saved something like 4 or 5 times while I was in there, and it overwrote about a week’s worth of save data. I went from level 70 to level 53… wtf Bethesda

      3. D

        Yeah mine does the same thing!!! It is so frustrating! i have tried killing myself, just waiting in the room (tried this for over an hour), but nothing works he just keeps sending more mines, gas tanks, and tesla coils and i don’t know what to do!

        1. P

          i have the same issue

        2. A

          has anyone figured this problem out? I’ve just encountered this issue. Cant even get my automatron to access the locked door while bombs keep flying.

      4. C

        I play on xbone and had same issues. I tried reloading the fight midstream, reloading the game and had no luck. Luckily I had save right as I entered the final room. I checked the room right before it and saw that there are 5 robobrains but they are inactive. Now, I have the gun and science perks maxed out so all my guns have the recon scope on them. What is cool about it is that once u aim ur gun at a target it will mark it with a red diamond. The target will keep it even when u r not aiming at it. What is weird Is that the diamond appears for the first bot but when I shoot there is no reaction. But when I bumper click it shows the health bar. So I shot it until it was dead. I then repeated this with all of the bots on the conveyor belt. Once they were all dead I saved and entered the final room. I killed all of the bot waves. I also have the robot perk maxed out so I can hack them and incite them. This makes them my allies and they kill other bots for me which speeds up the fight. Anyways I killed all the bot waves and the cut scene happened without issue. I was allowed to speak with him. I am guessing that the game wants those robo brains to be used but it can’t as the door is closed. The killing of the bots could be a prerequisite for the cut scene to happen. I’d say try finding an earlier save, kills those robobrains before entering the final room and you should be good.

    3. N

      Why is my DlC in French?

      1. S

        Same here WTF!!!!

        1. T

          Make sure you update your fallout 4, happened to me, fixed now

          1. M
            Moe Lester

            Ok so it’s 2020 and I’m trying to get in the Robco sales & services center. I have tried everything and now im searching on the internet for solutions and i can’t find anything. It feels like I’m screaming into the void and it’s hard to believe that Bethesda still has such a problem without fixing it after all this time. This will probably be another scream into this void but i hope that someone can help me. (I don’t have any mods on and I’m on ps)

      2. C

        Mine is in French also

    4. A


      1. S

        You have to be lvl 20 for the quest to start.

      2. M
        Mr Man

        It doesn’t start with a quest, check the radio for a new channel name that has something to do with a caravan and listen to it.

      3. D
        Dominic lobmeyer

        Same here I Ned help I payed my ten dollars for it

      4. A

        I’m not sure about xbox but on PS4 i had to go into PSN and manually download the add-ons even though they were already appearing in the add-on list on the main menu of the game.

    5. J

      so Ive checked and it says that the add on is installed and when I go into the game i check add ons and its there, but when i start the quest and go to the beacon there are no robots? please help

      1. C
        Corbet t brewer

        I’m having this issue as well.. soon as I find the caravan. I see no caravan or robots…

      2. J

        Im having the same problem

    6. P

      try redoing the fight

    7. K

      Another bug that i cant find online at all. Not only can i not name my bot, but i also cant customise it after im done building it. To clarify, ive built my bots to the best of my characters ability. But after im done it no longer shows up in my robot workbench at all. So i cant add anything to it after the initial build.

    8. D

      *she the machinist is a girl.

  2. R

    Robotics workbench camera angle and rotate not functioning as well as unable to change the first made robots name from automatron.

    1. G

      u have to be level 20 to be able to play the dlc

  3. H

    i can confirm the bug with the robot name. however i was able to rename the robot when first creating him but after a while it reset to automatron and since than could not change his name.

  4. T

    There also a bug when I tried to go to the caravan’s location no one is there and it say eliminate hostile robots, can anyone help?

    1. R

      We are having this exact same issue!
      It’s like wtf bathesda? Even your DLC doesn’t work!

      1. R

        The same thing happens to me, answer distress call, find Caravan site near Wattz building and then nothing. I can see why they put the price up! Tried reloading earlier save files and I’m already at level 58 so can’t see the issue.

        1. T

          Same. I was doing the U.S.S constitutional when the dlc went live on ps4. I left in the middle of the mission to do the dlc but no caravan and no hostiles to beat. I figured I needed to finish the other mission so I did. Now I have no previous saves to go to. This blows. I’ll have to make a new character…

    2. T

      Load up an older save. Had the same problem tried reinstalling automation and clearing the cash but eventually had to lose about half a level with an older save then it worked

      1. S

        How old like two days old

    3. B

      I have the same problem. Have you figured this out?

  5. J

    *early spoilers*
    Also During the first mission, Once I defeated all of the enemy robots and it tells me to talk to Ada, I can’t. every time I try she turns away from me.

  6. D
    Deane Kustner

    Can’t get out of the room after picking up the brain in Fort hanger.

    1. S

      same here, the security door is closed for some reason

      1. C

        You cannot leave the way you came in, there is another way

  7. J
    Johnny the stag

    Can’t build new automatron says I lack material when I know for a fact I have all of it

    1. A

      I’ve got that same issue.

    2. H

      Same here, it’s seriously annoying

      1. J

        Trust me when I say that you DO NOT have the required items. Same thing happened to me. It shows all the items you need even if you already have some items. Make sure to double check

        1. M
          Mr Man

          Not for me, I left and got more supplies, put them in the workbench, and it still said I needed the same amount of supplies even though I collected more.

    3. M

      I had this problem even uninstalled and re installed the add on, still happened

      1. J

        . The bug seems to be that it shows that you have all the components even if some are missing. Double check and make sure that you have 100% of the components. The full list of what you need is:

        6 Rubber
        6 Circuitry
        9 Ceramic
        11 Aluminium
        8 Adhesive

  8. R

    I use the robot station to make robots and its so glitchy every time i hover over sentry head the robot shoots up in the sky like a rocket and i cant put heads on it or anything on it. It tells me to put on a protectron head and i hovering over a assultron head…

    1. D

      I’m having the same problem too whenever I put a new arm torso or legs and head on my robot it flies into the sky can you help

      1. F

        Yup same here, also whenever I try to put a part it doesn’t equip and whenever I try to go to a different menu it still shows those same parts in that menu. The building aspect of the dlc is basically unplayable for me.

        1. S

          Same here

          1. J
            Jed Smeltz

            I have the same problem

    2. D

      Same here. It’s really weird. It could be the fact im using mods, it basically makes the robot crafting unusable.

    3. D

      Same here

  9. T
    Tyler G

    Sparks, a eye bot clips through walls in the final area and is invincible. This happens a lot and the only way i could fix it was to relode a old save, even then it only worked a couple of times

    1. P

      You don’t have to kill Sparks.

  10. A

    I cannot build an automatron i select build and it says i lack the requirement to build an automatron despite i have all the required materials im not that far in im where i need to get Jezebel a body

    1. O

      same here m8, just greyed out and got loads of materials:{

    2. R

      same i thought it was just mine haha

    3. J

      Same here have you found a way to fix it yet?

  11. J

    Firet Mission not working will not complete

    1. J

      Same here. Tells me to search robobrain to get mechanist device . But won’t trigger the variable to continue quest……annoying.

  12. V

    So I start the mission, everything is normal. But ADA, the mechinist tapes, and everything to do with the DLC is in french! I am not joking, its nuts. Then after finding nothing on the internet to help, I play to the second mission, and the factory doesn’t have a floor. I enter the factory and fall through the world. Outrageous! My DLC is unplayable at this point.

    1. S
      Sheldon Eason

      I have the exact same problem! At first I thought my character just knew French, but then I saw the floor in the factory. I can still move in the factory, but it’s nearly impossible to find my way around. My DLC is unplayable as well.

    2. C

      Same here. I had to finish the update was all though.

  13. L

    It wont let me build a workbench. (Im on the ps4)

    1. C

      Me too. Any ideas on how to fix it?

      1. did you complete the first mission

    2. I

      same here got it a few days ago and i just want to play it god damnit!

  14. W

    I made a really awesome bot that costed alot of materials and all I did was fast travel and he’s gone completely kinda mad as hell this is on the ps4

    1. J

      Same with me. This has happened to me twice now. Trying to find answers but no one seems to have any!

  15. S
    Sean Thursby

    Another bug I’ve encountered: Interior cells are not loading properly. Tried 2 different cells, the Federal Ration Stockpile (not Automatron-quest related, AFAIK) and the Fort Hagen bunker (which is). I can see enemies & bits of clutter sitting in the void, but floors/walls/ceilings/every other damn thing is completely invisible. I can see sky above and all around, and water far below. Hoping someone has a suggestion, or Bethesda comes out with a fix, because the DLC is unplayable in its current state. This is on Xbox One.

  16. G

    Cant build workbench even with required components and space. All it does when i try is display a plus sign in the top right corner of the picture of it.

    1. S

      Me too. It’s driving me crazy.

  17. C
    cody stephens

    Robot flys up when parts are changed

    1. S

      yeah mine too

  18. M

    Can’t build a new Automatron even though I have all the parts. (PS4)

  19. L

    Tesla gun doesnt always fire and can crash the game, the traps from it dont have an explosion texture and are just a giant black shape, with assultron traps the audio file for destroying then is broken, plus more.
    It seems like Bethesda doesnt even bother bug testing anymore, how lazy.

  20. K

    ok didn’t know if anyone else have this bug i’m not getting the mission update after killing the robobrain

    1. M
      Mason Martin

      I’m having the same problem. It keeps telling me to search the Robobrain after I killed and then searched it. I got the machinist device.

      1. C
        clay burnette

        same, this is so dumb

      2. B

        I am having the same problem- After killing this robobrain- and searching it- Ada doesn’t give the mission update- Also seeing NPC’s phased in the walls and ground after killing them

        1. D

          Yeah, this is piss Poor. Bive tried to start twice, but the same instance.

    2. K

      good i’m not the only one getting this

  21. B

    Robots also vanish after building them or leaving an area.

    1. M
      Maxim Van Daele

      Ada has disappeared in my case, any ideas to find her, she’s also not in the red rocket truck stop

      1. X

        In my Case Ada is stuck in companion mode she wont dismiss yet wont follow me now either so she is virtually stuck at The Castle. and I have no way of getting her unstuck from this bug/glitch either.

  22. J

    Ada and I were attacked by Raiders while we were talking for the first time and interrupted the dialogue. Now I can’t go back to it unless I reload!

    1. R

      I am consistently getting the same issue! Rude interrupting raiders!

  23. M

    Also o cant get past install the radar beacon on ADA. i installed it but it wont show the objective as complete.

    1. B

      I’m having the same issue 🙁

      1. M

        Seriously i just redid the whole dlc up to this point and it still doesnt work. Tried calling but the customer aupport is email only. I want my money back and i may file a report with the better business bureau

        1. D

          Really dude, bbb? That is a little much.

          1. E

            It is a little much but I am having the same problem can’t get pass installing the beacon

  24. J
    john fiebiger

    i cannot kill a robot named spark in the last part of the dlc it dose not have a hit box and the health will not go down and it is not allowing me to finish the dlc some one help

    1. D

      same goes for the mechanist… i attempted to toggle the combat ai off and trap sparks but… then i noticed the mechanist suffers the same no hit box problem

      1. S

        Yeah the same thing happens to me, but the mechanist wont even come out of the room and i cant attack him or talk to him.

        1. K

          Did you get past this as I have the same issue?

  25. J

    Ada, and some other asaultron-based robots are simply invisible… Ive tried re-installing and looked for missing textures but everything is there.. am I the only one to encounter this?

  26. A

    Bug – When Getting the first Mechanist Device, I pick it up but it shows I haven’t!!! I have tried everything try making Ada pick it up, not having robot workbench, dismissing Ada. I call don’t know what to do help?

    1. C

      I am having the exact same issue on Xbox one, even tried reloading previous saves and nothing is working unfortunately.

      It is on he first part of the quest New Threats where you investigate Robco Factory, after you loot the device the quest marker is still on the robobrain and doesn’t update the quest.

      1. D

        Same thing with me on ps4, Idk what to do!

        1. C

          Same, im on ps4 iv tried reloadibg multiple savea but it just doesnt update it even when i pick up the mechanists device

  27. P

    I’m onxbox1 and I’m not getting anything, no missions, just updates tell me to report back to Preston to let him know we no longer have their settlement support.
    I reload before that, go to that settlement and wait, message still comes up, lost the fight. There was no fight, I was there.
    No robots! No quest for robots. Nothing… Just loosing settlement support all over the place.

    1. M
      Maxim Van Daele

      you need to be over level 20, then listen to a distress signal (see the radio menu)

  28. J

    Another bug I found is that my robots sometimes don’t attack. I’ve been watching this feral ghoul wail on Rusty for about five minutes now and he’s got an auto laser on his right arm and a shishkebab on his left, he’s not doing anything. I even commanded him to attack the ghoul.

    1. A

      My Sentrybot won’t always use his right hand weaponry.

  29. P

    On PS4, level 143. Everything went smoothly through the main quest. Problem started with the side quests from Isabel. Third quest to eliminate Rogue Robot glitched on me. I killed it, but the quest remains open. Other than that, I’ve not had issues others have mentioned.

    Honestly I’ve had more trouble after the 1.4 patch, mainly with settlement counts going haywire , like 48 settlers, 0 beds, 0 water on settlements that are 20/30/400 with a defense pushing 800. This squirrels happiness faster than anything and it’s a real PITA to have to go back to the settlement, open workshop, travel out of bounds, and then fast travel out to fix it every few hours. Given that robots count as settlers and their happiness seems to fix at 50% I’m leery of adding robots to settlements that are already having attitude issues thanks to this glitch.

    1. M

      have you since completed the rogue robot quest?

  30. I

    Automatron PC – Got to the final battle with Mechanist. All robots were defeated, I thought. After an hour or so of trying to figure out the problem someone in twitch chat noticed a red enemy mark on the compass that would flash and disappear. The final robot was stuck in the trapdoor elevator near the entrance. I had to use console ~, type tcl, clip down into the elevator and kill it. The Mechanist finally spoke but was hostile and immediately attacked. Not the way I wanted it to end.

    1. B

      I finished the last battle and tried leaving to the commonwealth and the game would just quit out on me. dumbest bug ever

  31. B

    So when I entered the mechanists lair, I originally had ADA with sentry legs, that caused a lot of problems so I’d recommend changing those till the end of the mission.

    But the main problem was the objective to stop the mechanist had already been completed before I even got to see it. I had sparks, a hostile and invincible eyebot with no hitbox follow me around and attack ADA not allowing me to get past the doors. I managed to get around sparks but as I progressed down, and got to the mechanist he was already aggressive and like sparks was invincible with no hitbox

    Someone help

  32. R

    Make sure to take out the Quantum Robobrain in the room with the Power Armor station that’s right before the Mechanist. I didn’t the first time and it caused me to be unable to finish the fight. The second time I fought it and had no trouble.

  33. A

    The entire mission (DLC) went okay up til the end.. Now I am stuck in the room with the mechanist and he won’t talk to me or come out of his room… Spoiled ass brat if you ask me.. lol Anyone else have this problem?

    1. R

      Try quitting and then redloading, just tried it and it seems to be working so far

    2. E
      Eric Charland

      Had same problem, had to reload a few times then he came at me. Was wearing power armor.

    3. B

      I’m having the same problem. Has anybody found a way to fix this?

  34. K

    Well after the update/dlc install, Fallout 4 crashes immediatly to desktop after the first loading screen (from the start-up screen), so hell haven’t seen the little bugs yet, just one BIG M*******ING bug

  35. A

    Everytime I die, the dlc wont load me back in and crashes my game. Why does it do this? Its incredibly annoying.

    1. A

      Same, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’re on PS4, cuz the same keeps happening to me and I believe it’s due to the fact that Sony was having troubles posting the DLC and as it turned out had no idea bout the troubles for 2 hours so I’m guessing they just kinda forced it rather than fix the problems

      1. A

        nope, xbox one but it could be the same type of issue.

  36. D

    The distress call won’t even play when I tune into the station. I’m lvl 42 and have plenty of settlements so I meet all requirements.

    1. N

      I’m having the same issue, at level 48. Did you ever figure out a work around?

  37. H

    Yeah I have a problem i have fallout 4 for the xbox 1. I already have the season pass but when I went to add on it said nothing was added. So I went to the xbox store where it was I installed it from there and now that the install is done I thought the dlc would be loaded up but no it still isn’t showing up in my game. Need help ASAP.

    1. A

      Sounds like you gotta reset you xbox

  38. A

    On the final mission when you have to fight waves of robots while the Mechanist watches through a glass wall the turretbot does not spawn when it’s supposed to, so when i killed all the eyebots nothing happened, the Mechanist just stood there with the battle music playing and there is no way to get out of the room, I cannot go back a save to before I entered the lair cuz the DLC over written a lot of my saves

  39. M
    Mathue Jones

    In my game, Ada got stuck in water after I had switched her settlement location. After the confrontation with the mechanism I had to go talk to her, which I of course can not do, leaving the quest unfinishable.

    1. C
      Cade Windsor

      Same here, don’t know what to do :/

      1. D

        Same here its irratiing as hell

  40. N
    Nathan Gagne

    Does not allow me to create a new automatron. Says I am lacking the required materials although I am not.

    1. M
      Mason Smith

      Same here

  41. P
    Prodigy XD

    Every time I attempt to make a brand new robot it works but there is a glitch. I have a glitch where every time I select certain heads, torsos, legs, etc. the robot will launch into the air very high and come back down being unusable. I can’t even create a robot with this glitch. Please help me.

    1. B

      I get the same glitch. Are you on pc?

  42. K

    Im on ps4, got through everything fine. Havnt built any robots other then ada and jezabel though. And 1 unamed mess thats just a supply between redrocket and sanctuary hills. Cant use jezabel as a companion though.

  43. A
    Azreal Grimm

    I have had the disappearing robot bug, the Machinist attack immediately and my settlement stats go nuts like others have posted. What upsets me is that Bethesda Beta tested this DLC (supposedly) and they had the nerve to double the price of the season pass. I am on PC and have to admit that the modders at did a better job at robot companions with the Robot Home Defense than Bethesda did with Automatron. Because of the Machinist attacking bug, the entire gameplay to finish the DLC quest line was 3 hours. Not money well spent. What a disaster.

  44. A

    My bot just vanished from my settlement. It went into a shutdown like state so I punched it to make it move but it just died, so my settlers turned hostile. I reloaded an auto save and it’s just gone. It won’t even show up in the workbench.

  45. E
    Eric Charland

    Got the schematics for the eyebot but only got the +, when i select it, only the automatron bench is there.

  46. T

    Is nobody else having the issue I’m having? The first two or three robots I made could be commanded and assigned, but all my robots since can only be selected and moved around like furniture. What’s up with that?

  47. J

    can someone help me.. I don’t know Im having a bit of trouble on my Ps4 when I loaded the automatron off of the store It somehow turned out to be in French. does anyone have any idea what to do?

  48. A

    When doing a side quests ada went back to default armour and without personality mode active so have to reload previous save great 3 hours of work gone

  49. C

    When I start the dlc, the broadcast was in french. Everything dealing with the doc is in french, by the rest of my game is english. I don’t know I this is a big or what. I’m playing on the ps4 and if anyone knows how to help msg me psn: TheChickenReturn (yes, no “s”)

  50. T
    Travis guckenberger

    Anyone else experiencing the glitch where you cannot access the mechanists terminals after you kill him? The animation breaks and I’m forced to reload the save

  51. G

    I bought the season pass and downloaded the DLC but when I start up my game it won’t start. I have restarted the game and my xbox to no avail and have also deleted the DLC and reinstalled it still nothing please help.

  52. R

    Whenever I play ADA is invisible to me but I can still talk to her but due to her being invisible it’s hard

  53. C

    I have a sentry not companion who’s upgraded to the max pretty much. Everything is good until he blows out steam after a fight and then my game crashes. Literally this happens every time he blows out smoke. It’s so annoying. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this without having to use a different robot lol.

    1. J

      Same problem at level 79

  54. P

    I’m having a difficulty issue. I’ve been playing the game on survival, character at level 65, I can pretty much walk through almost all legendary enemies with ease, but these robots wipe the floor with me! I have ballistic weave, DR and ER around 300 and something, using fully modded Ritcheous Authority with damage output of over 100 energy per shot and a 6 crank laser musket for sniper sneak crits , and I can’t even kill the second robo brain group, which are only at level 40 or so! Dropped artillery on them, multiple crit shots, and I barely kill off half the group! And this dlc is listed at level 15 … what gives?

  55. W

    PC: When battling inside the mechanic his lair, the power goes out and nothing happens from there on. I’ve read the mechanic is suppose to come talk to me but if I look at him I can skip the conversation like you can with other people (arrow keys) but still nothing happens. Any fixes?

    1. W

      The problem seems to be solved when I loaded the quicksafe a day later, no idea how or why this worked.

  56. A

    When I fast traveled back to my settlement, one of my sentry bots was dead

  57. L

    Every time I unplug the internet, the automatron dlc disappears. Do you really need constant internet connection to play? We’re on PS4.

  58. L

    I cant even start automatron . I can see it in the add on section but i cant choose it. Help?

    1. O

      Just start the game normally and new quest(DLC) will stat automatically.

  59. O

    I think i will load old save today and star the DLC from beginning. I just cant play it when Ada in invisible… Really annoying as hell. I hope they fix those major bugs asap. If you have season pass you can try to play but its not worth $10 when its so broken and buggy.

  60. B

    The game dont register me putting the radar beacon into Ada i cant get past that part

    1. Z

      Same any answers?

    2. M
      Matt Zielinski

      Same I’m on ps4

  61. L

    When im facing the Mechanist in his lair and I defeat all his robots, then the power goes out, the game stops there, i can move around, but nothing else happens. Very frustrating.

  62. L
    Lazarus Crawford

    My game keeps freezing when I fight Ahab

  63. F

    Anyone help, I have just got the component from the robobrain, went to install it on Ada but I can only customize her legs… there are no other options?? Any ideas? I can fully customize codsworth so why cant I change Ada, it’s halted story progression…

  64. L

    My first quest isn’t even working. I go to save the Caravan and there is none. No caravan and no Robots.

  65. E

    The distress call doesen’t appear in my quest log anyone with the same isseu?

  66. S

    After you access the terminal in fort hagen, all automatrons are call “Automatron” not the name you gave the bot

  67. •••

    The mechanist won’t come out for me , does anyone have a solution?

  68. K

    I’ve killed all the bots in the mechanists lair but he just drops bombs and electricutes me. Nothing else happens. Have quit and reloaded numerous times. Can’t go back to the start of this mission either as it takes me right back to only 7 hrs of game play. So frustrating!

  69. D

    I have this weird bug where in the battle against the Mechanist’s robots, I defeat them, the Mechanist runs out of energy and then he turns and stays like that without dialog options. Has anyone had the same bug??

  70. B

    After the Rust Devils attack a settlement, My settlers all get stuck in a “Thanks For Your Help” loop and I cannot trade or talk to them. The only way I have found around this is to just stand there and watch your settlement fight them off and hope they can defend themselves..

  71. B

    My robot provisioners are randomly resetting to default (protectron, no armor, male voice, no paint).

  72. J

    Hey everyone completed automatron on ps4 and it was quite good i must say i gave codsworth a serious upgrade and even made a D347-TP hover bot like in borderlands 2 but heres the thing.

    When i bring Ada or Codsworth with me their parts they fight with don’t fall off not straight away not even after taking damage yet when i play with my custom made automatrons they’ll fire one bullet or cell or whatever and both arms blow off (this also happens whether or not they have been hurt by an enemy) is this a glitch because its frustrating ,

  73. L

    My robot disapeered in the mechanists lair it had sentry legs does anybody please have anyway to get it back I swapped companions and it said send automatron to and I selected red rocket its been 10 fallout days and the automatron has still not come back please help

    1. A

      Sorry but at this time there is no fix for this issue. You’ll just have to either load a save before the robot disappeared or make a save and hope Bethesda fixes the problem in the future. When I first completed the last quest of the DLC my Automatron disappeared without me even noticing because it was (or at least this is when I last saw it) during a fight with a lot of robots in the room and I just proceeded through the building till the end without really keeping tabs on my companion. When I finally did notice its absence, it was already too late because both my quick save and all autosaves were after the incident occurred so I was and am screwed. It had like 7 legendaries so it was a big bummer. Since then I found it therapeutic on my fractured heart to create 12 new robots in the original’s image so the empty feeling can be at least partially filled. This game is becoming more and more of a demented way of teaching why to constantly and obsessively save. Good luck though!

  74. J

    Also a bug that happened to me on ps4 was the mechanist won’t talk with me, i habe killed all robots and he is just gling between asking for more mines and throwing gas tanks

  75. L

    Quest won’t move on after I pick up the mechanist device keeps saying search robobrain. Pls fix

  76. E

    once I’ve beaten the mechanists robots and the power goes out nothing happens… anybody else finding this problem?

  77. A
    Andrew 0rtega

    I have this problem where my robot just kept sparking electrically and it won’t stop. it gets annoying and haven’t heard or seen any way of fixing it. It started happening after I met the mechanist

  78. W

    Can’t get the dialog prompts from Ada after installing the radar beacon. Have reloaded 3 previous saves and grinded through the first part of the dlc multiple times now and the same problem every time. PS4. can’t find any solutions online…stuck at that point in the dlc and can’t get any further. Starting to feel as though I’ve wasted money on the season pass. Any idea what’s up?

  79. M

    I found a flitch with Ada. When you first meet her she glitches all around. Making conversation impossible

    1. J

      I too had this problem. It took a long time. At one point while pursuing her I accidentally shot at her and she just stood still. I was then able to proceed. She is my companion now but I’m worried how things will go considering all the issues others are having.

  80. M

    SetStage 01000801 2400 this will get you past the robobrain bug of not continuing the quest after looting the “mechanist device” and will allow you to talk to Ada.

  81. R

    The one major glich i have encountered is at some point my atomotron will not lock pick .. so i try to see if dismissing them . And… i can’t So i click the door and they say nothing and just keep following me.. Went from a functional companion, to a lazy stalker.. least it will still fight but when i put a mod into my bot.. i expect it to work. Anyone else seen this and if so, know how to fix it? anyway thanx for reading.

    1. M
      Max Taylor

      I’ve got this as well, tell me if you find a way around it!

    2. X

      I’m having the same kinda problem with Ada. But instead of her following she just wont dismiss but at the same time it’s telling me she is still following me because I can still command her. And she wont leave The Castle.

  82. M

    When I try to build the robot workbench it won’t do anything even though I’ve got all the materials & it has a ‘+’ next to it. Any suggestions?

  83. Z

    So i downloaded the dlc and it went normal at first. But before i came across the very first encounter i had saved my game and left home. When i came back to try to play the dlc no longer showed up in the main menu.. My internet was turned off, so my question is. Do you need a internet connection to play the automatron dlc

  84. J
    John Ek

    I can’t get out of the mechanists lair! I won the fight, but I can’t talk to them. The marker points over them, but I can’t. The mechanist just keeps droping mines and bombs etc. All my saves (automatic and manual) are after the fight inside the lair (all are bugged) while I wad trying to figure a way to talk to the mechanist. Now I’m stuck in there forever. Help please??

  85. K
    keel zucchini

    I’m stuck on last mission mechanistic won’t talk after I defeat all the bots

  86. B

    During the first quest i killed all the robots, killed the robobrain and then went to loot it. Of course i looted it straight away, took the mechanist’s device and ran off. After that the quest wont update despite me having the device in my inventory, the hell do i do?

    1. R

      Did you talk to Ada before running off?

  87. Right before I get to the mechanist the elevator won’t go down I kept clicking the button to go down but it just stopped clicking and I can’t click it eny more does enyone have this problem or know how to solve it

  88. D

    On Xbox1 mechanist turns red. I didn’t use power armor and I have removed every item from my inventory. The only item I have is my military fatigues and they are standard. I have reloaded so many times and tested different ways and cannot find any other method besides killing her. Any help? I prefer to use her in a settler capacity…

  89. E

    i have done the first mission but that is it. i can’t get past the mission where you build the workbench to install a device on ADA. I build the workbench and when i try to install the part on ADA, nothing happens. Im on ps4 so when I press X, it just zooms in and then out. What do i do??

  90. K
    Katie Myers

    Ibhace all the supplies needed to build a body for Jezebel but the stupid workbench is saying I don’t have the right parts. Any ideas?
    (I definitely do have the right parts, they light up unlike when you’re missing parts to craft)

    1. J

      im having the same problem

  91. Q

    Finally figured it out!! The work around for consoles as follows guys-
    -Go to sanctuary and hard save.
    – exit game and uninstall Automatron
    – Turn game on load save without dlc, ignore “load without proper dlc” prompt and proceed to start load up.
    – save over previous saves with repeated quick save(can be done through fast travels to be safe)
    -exit game, and reinstall dlc.
    From there the game will show mechanical menace again as a quest, proceed with quest. After you talk to Ada and start second quest, DO NOT FAST TRAVEL! Walk all the way to quest and into building.
    Everything should move along smoothly np bugs at all. ☺ enjoy guys

  92. X

    My problem is when i get a new companion and send Ada back to Sanctuary or any other settlement. She NEVER shows up. Ive tried using the Robot station and nothing. Ive “waited” 48 hrs and nothing… how do I get her back?

    1. B
      Bruce Sheffer

      try a console command that brings her to you. You might have to load an earlier save and click on her in the console to get her id.

    2. X

      I’ve had this problem before but now it’s gotten worse she still says she is with me but I can not dismiss her and she wont follow me either. She is currently at The Castle in the same spot she has been staying in….

  93. S

    My automotron wont attack any enemys it says powering up and then just sits there

  94. G
    George Sikorski

    My… my robot is gone. I created him when i first got the DLC. He was an awesome robot and i loved him. One time, while building in the Mechanist’s lair, he disappeared. I searched back through the whole place and couldn’t find him. I opened up the workbench and couldn’t find him. I switched to a different companion and sent him to the Mechanist’s lair and couldn’t find him. Please help me, he had a lot of valuable resources on him and i used a butt load of materials to build him. Please. *sniffle*

  95. G

    I got a shipment of aluminum to build robots when to go repair my power armor says I have no aluminum went to the robot we build station says i have 38 how can I fix this

  96. N
    Nicholas valentine

    My robot companion has just stopped attacking. All he does is stand still and let every thing beat on him till he collapses. Then he won’t auto revive once out of combat either. So basically I paid 10 dollars for a pack mule.

  97. S

    my game is frame rate is so slow after doing the ahab bug on my xbox one anyone else having this problem

  98. B
    Bruce Sheffer

    Ada loses the ability to path find in the Mechanist Lair. Gives “I can’t do that” response to the GO command. I had to push her over these areas. Eventually she will be able to track again. Is especially a problem on walkways and the elevator.

  99. A

    I’ve gotten jezabel’s brain then it tells me to make the body but when I got to the robot workbench it tells me I lack all these materials being a lvl 46 I’ve collected a gratuitous about of these recorces and it’s still tellin me I have none HELPPP I can’t cont. On from here

  100. A

    I modded Codsworth in Sanctuary. Then the Rust Devils attacked. I accidentally shot Codsworth and he turned hostile. Now all of Sanctuary is against me and there is nothing I can do about it. ( 3 of the settlers are in my power armor and my guards have mini-guns )

  101. J
    Jake Summers

    When i put the radio beacon on ada it says i still need to do it?

  102. J
    Jose Fernandez

    I pre ordered the game and it came with the season pass, when automatron came out i started playing it but i did’nt find the caravan radio signal, i am playing in ps4 and i am in level 47. I hope that is not a very bad bug.

    1. J
      Jose Fernandez

      NOTE: I am playing in 1.04 and when i go to add-ons, Automatron does’nt appears

  103. M

    When i kill the first Robobrain and go to search him for his part it will not give me the next part of the quest and so i can contiure with the DLC of automatron

  104. E
    Eddie Prislac

    Game glitches in the room with the feral ghouls in the mechanist’s lair… defeated the ghouls, then hit the circuit breaker, hit the button to open the elevator, and stepped inside, then hit the elevator button. Nothing happens. Saved, then reloaded the game, now the button won’t even register it’s been pushed.

  105. K

    Had the issue with my robot vanishing in the middle of the mission. When back to my settlement and built from one of my existing robots and the m-sat piece was back in my inventory and I was able to attach it to the robot and complete my mission , so it couldn’t hurt to double check and see if it would work for you too XD

  106. K

    When I finished the the quest with the mechanist (killed all his/her robots etc.) I wanted to go outside but my game crashes! At first I thought it has something to do with my mods but then I found out it is the area around the robco building bc when I fast travel to another place (sanctuary…) everything is fine but when I try to fast travel to this robco building I get a CTD… I also tried to FT to another place near the area so I can walk to the robco building but my game crashes though! Idk what´s wrong and if someone has the same problem. 🙁
    PS: Sorry for english cuz I´m german xD

  107. B

    So I’m up to where you have to build Jezebel a body but it isn’t letting me build one because it says I don’t require the materials but I have ever the amount needed what do I do

  108. M
    michael ryan

    i have the ultimate game breaker… i have the recon beacon and once ive spoke to ada i go to install it on here and then when i back out of the crafting menu … nothing.
    quest marker will not update and it shows that i hav not installed it on the robot… anyone foud a fix? ive tried deleting the game and reinstalling but that has not worked :/

  109. G

    I can’t enter into Fort Hagen hanger, every time i do i am faced with what looks like the loading screen texture except i can see my gun and pan the camera around and fire. Nothing else. There is another DLC out tomorrow. I wont be buying that or any of the others. I have emailed Bethesda about this and other issues with the game, eg Ballistic weave glitch and Silver Shroud upgrade glitch and have never heard back from them. Has anyone had any support from them for Fallout 4?

  110. N
    Nyaki Stryker

    So i don’t know if it is just me, but is anyone having problems with created robots just vanishing after beating the story? I had three scavenging stations with robots on each and now they are unassigned and the robots are gone. Anyone else have missing robots?

  111. W

    HELP playing on ps4. After killing this robobrain- and searching it- Ada doesn’t give the mission update. The mission maker stay’s on the robobrain.

  112. C

    Hope you guys don’t mind me asking but anyone have a problem where only one of the weapons on the arms of your robot work? I’m using all sentry bot parts. Changing the weapon on the arm doesn’t matter either.

    1. L

      im having the same problem as well on ps4 my sentry bot has a gatling gun on the left and a laser gatling on the right and it wont use the laser gun just uses the left gun i think it may have something to do with the armour type you have on your robot, im still trying to find an alternative however putting a hydrolic armour on the front torso on mine seems to make it think its an assaultron and starts wacking the enemies up when i removed it and put the second to last armour type it started keep a distance from enemies and shoot them however only his left arm gun maybe changing the armour type on your robots arm will do it hopefully im trying it once im back online hope this helps.

  113. V

    Im having a problem.
    I just updated to 1.05 and got automatron and wastelander workshop.
    But when i go to do the first mission from automatron and kill all the robots ada won’t talk to me she just says she’s searching for the target and the mission still tells me to kill all the hostile robots.
    Can someone help pls and thanks you a lot

  114. B

    When ever i try to build a new automatron while changing to a different body type, ie sentry, the automatron will launch up into the air and finally falls down dead after leaving the station. And another glitch that I’m getting is that all the legendary bots will be dead before i enter combat.

  115. B

    I’m having problems with my robots actually fighting! I’m an Xbox one user and my robots are all suited up to the exhaust ports with weaponry, however, when it comes to fighting the just stand/float there and take a beating instead of unleashing hydrolic hell!

  116. The bug that really grinds my gears (pun not intended) is how the robot companion stays with you when you dismiss it. The only fix I found is to recruit a new companion, and the robot will actually go away, like you asked it to.

    1. X

      I’ve had this problem before but now it’s gotten worse. Ada still says she is with me but I can not dismiss her and she wont follow me either. She is currently at The Castle in the same spot she has been staying in….and even before when I was some place else I would recruit a another person to switch her out I would tell her to go to someplace like Spectacle Island instead of that she would go back to The Castle instead. -_-“

  117. C

    An unfinished conversation with Preston Garvey (during the time Preston was rewarding caps after defeating raiders in level one) caused a glitch in a higher level (21) while I’m doing the DLC.

    One of my robots was turning into Preston because I never finished the conversation from level one. I couldn’t use the normal commands associated with my robots until I went back and talked with Preston.

    After talking with Preston, i could command my robots and move on with the DLC.

  118. T

    I have all the 6 rubber 6 circuitry 9 ceramic 11 aluminum and 8 adhesive and it whan’t let me make a automation

  119. J

    The mission wouldn’t even start for me over the radio. No matter where I was or what I did the radio wouldn’t work. So then I just went to where u have to eliminate the hostel robots to start the mission. I get to the part where I need to install the first thing on Ada and everyone in the sanctuary just keeps attacking her I can’t craft on her when I’m there because everyone is shooting her but not me. So I went to another settlement to try and craft Ada in the robot work bench and every time I push craft it does nothing. It’s tweaking so much I can’t even play the missions. EXTREMELY ANNOYED.

  120. G
    Giancarlo Valencia

    I have downloaded the dlc wasteland work shop and it was working then I downloaded automatron dlc and both would not show under add-ons

  121. C

    I just installed the season pass and have stated working on the robot quest line. I found the X-01 armor and it won’t let me get in it. I tried getting into my normal power armor and I can’t get into that either… It says “you can’t do that right now”.
    Anyone else have this problem?

    1. S

      This just happened to me too. No one seems to be taking about it online. We’re you able to fix? I went back to all my very old saved files and I get the same message.

  122. A

    When I try to build hydraulic frame assaultron legs for Ada it uses my resources but didn’t give me the legs. Wasted so much ceramic on literally nothing.

  123. R

    Another bug, the quantum Robobrain that has the “Robobrain production terminal” isn’t spawning, so I can’t fight the mechanist

  124. D

    I found a bug the game won’t allow me to spawn any robot for a quest even though I have all the resources

  125. Y

    I can’t get into the Mechanist’s Lair to complete the questline. Ada scans the “mysterious device” and the light flashes but nothing happens. Any fix?

  126. B

    fallout 4 automatron Dlc wont work it says its installed in psn it gives me a notifacation that its done and its installed but in the game add on menu it says its not and I have all the other dlc they are bright because they are installed but automatron is dark like its not installed but it is I go in to the game it says nothing about the dlc or the radio station I am level 24 and I used a season pass to get all the dlc if that helps

    1. B

      Fallout 4 automatron was the dlc that I was most excited for so plz reply

    2. H

      Did you try opening the game?

  127. J

    Hey there, I’ve had a problem where upon creating a robot in the workbench or trying to add parts to it, it will immediately throw the robot into the air killing it instantly. Even if I succeed in making my follower before that happens, I can barely modify it as things are invisibly when highlighting certain parts of it, changing legs will change the head. So on and so forth.

    I do have mods installed though none actually affect the automaton DLC themselves other than the one allowing your basic constructed one to be a random base bot. IE sentry bot, assaultron ect. I don’t know how to fix this and it’s just an annoying problem I have right now.

  128. S

    I have a glitch where I create automatron after I turn it into a Sentry bot or a protectron or a mr. Handy or the other type of robot. after awhile it will go back to its original automatron looking body. this happens after a couple missions or I don’t really know what happens but it changes like I’ve done it like three or four times when I built a Sentry bot and it goes back to the original automatron body.

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