Dauntless Barrage Grenades - How to Throw & Equip - Launch The Barrage

Barrage grenades are one of the thrown weapons in Dauntless. You’ll first encounter them when you get the Launch The Barrage quest from Janek Zai. He’ll task you with doing a certain amount of damage using these grenades, but since you haven’t had the chance to use thrown weapons before, you might have trouble with it. If you get stuck here, this guide will show you how to equip, use & throw barrage grenades in Dauntless.

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dauntless barrage grenade how to equip use throw
Dauntless Barrage Grenades – How to Throw & Equip – Launch The Barrage

How to equip barrage grenade?

Once you’ve talked to Janek and accepted the quest, you’ll get about a dozen barrage grenades. To equip them, you should open up the menu, select loadout, then click the box in the lower right corner. That’s where the consumables are. Choose an empty slot or free one up, then put the grenades into it.

How to throw barrage grenade?

Once you’ve equipped the barrage grenades, you’ll be able to throw them during a hunt. Using them is like using any other consumable – select the appropriate slot, then press the use button. If you’re on PC, you can select them using the number keys. On console, you’ll do it using the D-Pad.

How to do maximum damage with barrage grenades?

You’re supposed to do 2000 damage with them if you want to complete the quest. If you’d like to get by with what Zai gave you and not have to craft more grenades, you should play the Lesser Boreus pursuit. When you take away 10-25% of his health, a group of bats will appear. If you’ve got a good aim, you can blast 2-3 of them with a single grenade. They’ll keep appearing in groups all throughout the fight, giving you lots of chances to build up the damage required for the quest.

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