Dauntless Patrols - How to Unlock & What They Are

Patrols in Dauntless are activities that you have to unlock, and they allow you to fight against a random behemoth of a specific element, which lets you farm orbs and similar elemental Reagents. Of course, in order to get Patrols in Dauntless, there’s going to be some grinding and quest-completing to go through, especially if you want to unlock Heroic+ Patrols. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Patrols in Dauntless, including Heroic+, how they work, how you can use them to farm Orbs and similar Reagents, and more.

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Dauntless Patrols - How to Unlock & What They Are
Dauntless Patrols – How to Unlock & What They Are

How to Unlock Dauntless Patrols?

To unlock Patrols in Dauntless, you’ll have to progress far enough with the quests, as well as do some grinding. Basically, if you don’t have any quests, you’ll have to grind the Pursuits you have to level up your Mastery and thereby unlock further quests. Specifically, the quest you’re looking for is City on the Verge, where you’ll have to battle a Skarn and a Shrike, among other objectives. This is gonna pop up at around level 8 or so. Once you unlock them, you can access Patrols from the Huntboard menu.

What are Patrols in Dauntless?

Dauntless Patrols are activities that basically pit you against a random behemoth of a specific element. Depending on the threat level, you can get different items. Every patrol that you complete rewards you with ten Orbs or Arcstones. Threat levels 3-7 drops Orbs, 8-12 Dull Arcstones, 13-17 Shining Acrstone, and Threat Level 17 drops Peerless Arcstones. So, yeah. Mind you, the difficulty of the behemoth you face is a bit random, so you should always prepare carefully so that you don’t get your butt kicked. At least, you should probably team up with a few Dauntless friends.

How to Farm Dauntless Orbs in Patrols?

To farm Orbs in Patrols, you simply have to complete them. As I’ve mentioned above, Patrols send you on a hunt for a behemoth of a specific element. And yes, they drop a guaranteed ten orbs if you complete them, to say nothing of the chance that Orbs can drop from flaying the behemoth itself. So, yeah, if you’re on a quest to farm Orbs in Dauntless, this is the way to go. Plus, you get to choose which element of behemoth you want to battle, which is pretty great.

You can choose between Neutral Patrols (Gnasher, Quillshot, Shrike), Blaze Patrols (Embermane, Hellion, Charrogg), Frost Patrols (Skraev, Pangar, Boreus), Shock Patrols (Stormclaw, Drask), Terra Patrols (Skarn, Koshai), and so on. The different regions that offer Patrols include The Monstrous Verge (Shrike, Gnasher, Skarn etc.), The Yonder Keys (Quillshot, Drask, Skreav etc.), The Uncharted Reaches (Hellion, Pangar, Nayzaga, etc.) and others.

Heroic+ Patrols in Dauntless – How to Unlock?

To unlock Heroic+ Patrols in Dauntless, all you have to do is progress far enough with the quests. Probably the best way to do so is to focus on quests that Kat gives you. By the time you reach Dire Warnings, you’ll unlock Dire Patrols, The Farslayer’s Apprentice should unlock Heroics, and Bright Shadows is going to open Heroic+ Patrols. By then, you’ll likely be very well-versed in the art of Heroic Patrols, and equipped enough to take on Heroic+.

In case you need further assistance with Dauntless, feel free to peruse some of our other guides, including How to Change Gender & Appearance and Repeaters – How to Unlock Pistols.

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