Dauntless Skybloom, Dashleaf, Wrathwort Location - Alchemical Romance

Skybloom, Dashleaf, and Wrathwort in Dauntless are Reagents that you can find, and you need them to complete the Alchemical Romance quest given by Markus Boehr. The Dauntless Reagents you need for the Alchemical Romance quest can be found in different regions and as rewards from specific Patrols. Still, though, you might just miss them. In case you’re having trouble figuring out how to get Dashleaf, Skybloom, and Wrathwort for the Dauntless Alchemical Romance quest, then this guide of ours is the place for you.

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Dauntless Skybloom, Dashleaf, Wrathwort Location - Alchemical Romance
Dauntless Skybloom, Dashleaf, Wrathwort Location – Alchemical Romance

How to Get Skybloom, Dashleaf, Wrathwort Reagents in Dauntless Alchemical Romance Quest?

To get Skybloom, Dashleaf, and Wrathwort for the Dauntless quest called Alchemical Romance, the first option is to look for them in the appropriate region where they grow. It can get tricky to look for them during a battle with a behemoth, but totally doable. You can find Skybloom, a blue flower, in Sheltered Frontier, Monstrous Verge, Yonder Keys, Uncharted Reaches, and The Maelstrom. Wrathwort, a big ol’ mushroom, can be found in the same regions. Dashleaf, a red flower, you can find in all the regions, apart from The Maelstrom.

The second method to farm Dashleaf, Wrathwort, and Skybloom is to complete different Patrols and get the rewards for completing them. This is also a handy way to farm Dauntless Orbs, incidentally. When you’re selecting Patrols, the window on the right will show you exactly what you’ll get as a reward. As far as we can tell, Dashleaf can come from Neutral and Terra Patrols, Wrathwort from the same, and Skybloom from Blaze and Shock Patrol. Your mileage may vary, though. Either way you do it, you’ll probably grind out what yo need for the quest relatively quickly.

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