Dauntless How to Create Guild & Invite Players

Guilds are player groups in Dauntless. They allow you to find like-minded people you can hunt with, instead of relying on random strangers and matchmaking. You can join an existing guild if you get invited, but you can also make your own and invite whoever you want. This guide will show you how to create guilds in Dauntless, so you can form a merry band of murderers yourself.

dauntless how to create guild
Dauntless How to Create Guild & Invite Players

How to make a guild?

In order to create a guild, you’ll first need to open up the social menu (O on PC). Navigate to the third tab, which is called (you guessed it) “Guilds”. You’ll notice a big blue button with the words “Create Guild” on it. Click it, and you’ll get to choose the name and nameplate of your creation. The nameplate is the text that will be displayed next to the names of all the members. The former has to be between 4 and 15 characters and can only consist of English letters and numbers. The latter should be between 2 and 7 characters, also made up of English letters and numbers.

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Once you’ve created your guild, you’ll be able to invite people. You can invite friends from the friends list by selecting them, then choosing the option to send and invite. If you want to have strangers join your band, you’ll have to use the text box in the guilds tab. Make sure you enter their Epic username. Since you’re the leader, you’ll have the option to promote members to officers and leaders, or kick them out if they’re being nasty.

For now, guilds only allow you to find people to play with more easily. A progression system is planned for the future, with perks and passive bonuses, but at this point, all you get is a group chat and a fancy sign next to your name.

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  1. P
    Parker Taevon

    I completely don’t understand why I follow the directions of making a FUCKING Guild and it keeps saying my nameplate is invalid and/or Taken like there’s no way everything I put in is wrong like seriously annoying. Small stuff like this in games not make me want to play it because it’s bullshit

    1. K

      It’s saying that because it’s already taken, as in someone else used it already. Try another name.

  2. R

    how do i leave a guild? lol

  3. A

    Wtf the guilds are broken

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