How to Link Dauntless Beta Account to Epic Games

Linking your Dauntless beta account to your Epic Games account is necessary if you want to keep all the progress from the beta. To link the Epic Games account to your Dauntless beta account is not difficult, and just a bit longer on consoles than on PC. However, if you mess up, you’ll lose all your beta progress for good. So, in case you’re having trouble with this, then welcome to our How to Link Dauntless Beta Account to Epic Games guide.

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How to Link Dauntless Beta Account to Epic Games
How to Link Dauntless Beta Account to Epic Games

How to Link Epic Games Account to Dauntless Beta Account?

To link your Dauntless beta account to the Epic Games account, there are two different paths to take, depending on whether you’re playing on PC or consoles. If you’re on PC, the first thing to do is to download and launch Dauntless via the epic Games store. That part is fairly obvious, right? When prompted at the title screen, click LINK NOW. This is absolutely imperative, as you’ll otherwise lose the progress you made in the beta. When you click Link Now, copy the code the games give you, and paste it where you’re told to. Then, just follow the prompts to the end.

On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the method is similar. On the title screen, select ACTIVATE ACCOUNT. From there, just follow the prompts in order to link your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account to your Epic account. If you’ve already done this at some point, you’ll automatically proceed to the next step. When prompted, select LINK NOW. Again, DO NOT make a mistake here, if you want to keep your progress from the beta. The system is then pretty much the same as on PC. Just do what the game tells you, and you won’t have any trouble.

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