Dauntless Best Starting Weapons - Hammer, Sword, Repeater, Axe

Starting weapons in Dauntless are a choice you’ll have to make near the very beginning of the game. There’s a ton of Dauntless weapons to choose, including hammers, swords, the repeater, axes, and so on. Which one you choose will depend on how you like to play, and it’s not a binding contract, so you can experiment as much as you want. In case you’re wondering which weapon to choose at the start of Dauntless, our Dauntless Best Starting Weapons – Hammer, Sword, Repeater, Axe guide is the place for you. We’ll also give you a brief overview of how each weapon works.

Dauntless Best Starting Weapons - Hammer, Sword, Repeater, Axe
Dauntless Best Starting Weapons – Hammer, Sword, Repeater, Axe

What Starting Weapons to Choose in Dauntless?

What starting weapon you’re going to choose in Dauntless is going to depend on what your overall preferred style of play is. So, while we’re going to do a quick rundown of how they work and what we think are the potentially best weapons to start Dauntless with, don’t take our word as gospel. You do you. With that out of the way, let’s go.

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First off, the Swords. The sword is by far the best overall weapon in the game, specifically for beginners. Why? Because it can just pretty much do anything. It can interrupt enemy attacks. It’s super-versatile, in that it’s pretty fast, has decent range, stagger opponents if you bonk them on the head, and can even do some AoE if you use the special attack. Oh, and if you charge up the bar in the upper left corner, you can go into overdrive and deal some pretty dang good DPS. So, yeah, if you’re a beginner, I’d say go for the sword at first.

Next up, Ostian repeaters. Aka, the guns. If you need to know how to get these, check out our Repeaters – How to Unlock Pistols guide (and Barrage Grenades – How to Throw & Equip, for that matter). Now, the Repeaters are the game’s only real ranged weapon, and at that, the damage drop-off is significant, if you try and attack from too far away. Oddly enough, the Repeaters actually mostly reward very close combat, giving you buffs if you reload in the vicinity of a behemoth and just overall rewards very aggressive play. This one is not really a beginner’s weapon, all in all; save it for later. There’s enough wannabe gunslingers out there.

Chain Blades are the coolest for me personally. They are super fast, and even have a move that allows you to instantly propel yourself into the monster’s grill. They do eat up your stamina pretty fast, so that’s something to keep an eye out for that. Still, though, the chain blades are all about getting in and out of trouble really quickly, all the while dealing damage. If you wanna go full Kratos, as you should, you can also swing the chain blades around with certain attacks, so they even have some range going. That said, they are a bit of an oddity, so maybe not the best of choices for the complete beginner. It does offer some fun gameplay, though. Depends on you.

The Axes and Hammers are relatively similar to each other. They’re slow and deliberate; the ideal weapon of choice for a player who likes to bide their time, wait for an opening, and then do some devastating damage. Basically, wait for the enemy to miss, and go crazy. Now, there are differences. For one, the Axes are more about doing stupid amounts of damage, while Hammers are more about staggering enemies. The hammer has bullets, which you can use to blast around the arena, or use a slam attack that uses all your bulletsfor brutal damage. If you pull it off, it reloads all your ammo, so it’s well worth it. The axe, on the other hand, revolves more about timing and charging your attacks for optimal brutality. These two are relatively okay choices for the new players.

Lastly, the War Pikes. This one is fun. It has both really quick close attacks, but also lets you get some distance, too. A lot of combos are at your disposal, it’s pretty great. Plus, if you charge up the bar in the top left, you can use it to charge and fire a slug at the behemoth for some astoundingly high damage. It’s not really as agile as I might make it seem, but boy can it sever some behemoth parts. Can be interesting, but possibly a bit of a stumbling block for people that are new.

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