Dauntless Orbs - How to Get

Orbs in Dauntless are items that you have to obtain in order to craft weapons and armor. There are several different elemental types of Orbs, such as Neutral, Blaze, Radiant, Frost, Terra, and so on. You absolutely want to earn Orbs in Dauntless, and in the most efficient way possible. If you want to know the potentially best way to obtain and farm Orbs in Dauntless, then our Dauntless Orbs – How to Get is the right place for you.

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Dauntless Orbs - How to Get
Dauntless Orbs – How to Get

How to Obtain Orbs in Dauntless?

To get Orbs in Dauntless, there are several avenues that you can pursue. For one, slaying a specific type of behemoth has a chance to net you the corresponding Orb. Incidentally, Orbs come in Frost, Radiant, Terra, Umbral, Shock, Neutral, and Blaze, as do the behemoths. The second method is completing certain quests. Both of these are fairly legit methods of grinding Orbs; the problem is that they’re not exactly fast nor reliable. Fortunately, there’s one more method that is arguably the best one.

How to Get Dauntless Blaze Orbs?

To get Blaze Orbs in Dauntless, as with all the other elemental Orbs, you should go on and complete Patrols. You unlock Patrols by leveling your Mastery, aka playing Pursuits until you eventually get Patrols. These activities basically send you out to hunt against a random Behemoth; as in, random elemental type. You can see the rewards you can get at the Patrol selection screen. If you complete the Patrol, you’ll get ten Orbs as your reward. Oh, and there’s even better news – you get ten extra Orbs for the first two Patrols you complete every day. Pretty great, right? Well, yeah, but there are some… minor setbacks, shall we say. Let’s clear that up, shall we?

For one, there’s the fact that the behemoth you face in patrols has a random power level; in other words, you might run into something that’s gonna kick your ass. So, you might want to team up with friends, just in case. Secondly, due to all of the randomness, this is not exactly the best method of grinding behemoth parts. But for Orbs, it’s probably the best way to earn them.

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