Dauntless How to Stagger & Wound Behemoths - Combat Alchemy Quest

Wound and stagger are special effects in Dauntless. In order to wound or stagger an enemy, you’ll have to do enough damage, but not the regular kind. Both effects have their own special types of damage, and some weapons are better at causing it than others. If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around the mechanics, this guide will show you how to stagger & wound behemoths in Dauntless, so you can complete the Combat Alchemy quest.

dauntless how to stagger wound behemoths
Dauntless How to Stagger & Wound Behemoths – Combat Alchemy Quest

How to stagger enemies?

In order to stagger a behemoth, you should use a hammer. Also, your best bet would be to aim for the head. If the damage numbers that appear with each hit are blue, you’re doing it right. When you’ve done enough stagger damage, the behemoth will become staggered. This will stun the beast and make it drop to the ground, allowing you to whack it with reckless abandon until it gets up.

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Dauntless wound damage

If you want to wound a behemoth, you’ll need to use the appropriate weapon, like the war pike. You should target a specific part, because each one has separate wound health. If you’re doing it right, the damage numbers will be red. When you’ve done enough damage, the enemy will become wounded. You’ll see a blue glow on the wounded part, and cutting attacks will do more part damage to said part, making it easier to break it.

Once you’ve completed the Combat Alchemy quest, you’ll get crafting recipes for the Assault and Insight tonics. The first one will increase the amount of stagger damage you do for a while, while the second one improves your wound damage for a certain amount of time. They’ll prove to be essential tools later on, as you progress to more difficult behemoths.

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