Dauntless Repeaters - How to Unlock Pistols

Repeaters are a type of weapon in Dauntless. They’re pistols, the only ranged weapon amid all the swords, axes, cleavers and other blades. Unlike the other weapons, they aren’t unlocked right after the tutorial. This made a lot of folks wonder how exactly does one obtain a pistol. If you’re one of those anxious to get their hands on a gun, this guide will show you how to unlock repeaters in Dauntless.

dauntless repeaters unlock
Dauntless Repeaters – How to Unlock Pistols

How to get repeaters in Dauntless?

You’ll get access to all other weapon classes as soon as you’ve finished the tutorial. This doesn’t hold true for repeaters. In order to get the first repeater recipe, you’ll have to continue completing quests a while longer. Just a while, though – you should have the Ostian Repeaters after two hours or so. Just keep doing the main missions until you get to the one called Go Forth and Slay.

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This quest requires you to slay a couple of behemoths, increase your slayer level and complete several side quests. Once you’re done, you’ll be sent to talk to Janek Zai. He’ll give you a quest called Ironclad Admiral, which isn’t really a quest – it’s an invitation to get your first pistol crafting recipe, along with the required materials.

When you’ve done that, you’ll be able to craft the Ostian Repeaters and start feeling them out. If it turns out the dual pistols are your kind of thing, you can keep looking for better recipes and upgrades – if not, no harm done. You can just stick with one of the half a dozen or so melee weapons.

How to equip repeaters?

Some players have reported having issues equipping the newly-acquired pistols. It’s important to note you don’t actually get the pistols themselves from Janek – you get a blueprint allowing you to craft them. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to equip them from the loadout section of the pause menu.

Repeater quest bug

There have been reports of Janek not giving the Ironclad Admiral quest to players. It might be tied to your level – keep doing hunts and completing other quests, then come back after a while. If that doesn’t help, it’s clearly a bug and you’ll have to wait for the developers to fix it.

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    I’ve done the quests you mentioned and dint get a weapon. I show being able to get a prism at the full assembly icon but still cant get one although i have all the parts.!! I also have a quest not to shoot up stuff for 10 thousand points or 1 million. not sure as i write this. Slayer is over level 10!!

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