Dauntless Weapon Special Skills Unlock - Alternate Weapon Specials

Weapon specials are skills you can use in Dauntless. They’re like alternate attacks you can use by pressing Q on PC (R1/RB on console), and each weapon has two. You start off with one, and you get the other once you’ve attained a certain mastery level with that particular weapon. Some people are having trouble unlocking and equipping the special skills, which is what we’re going to talk about in our Dauntless weapon special skills unlock guide.

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dauntless weapon special skill unlock
Dauntless Weapon Special Skills Unlock – Alternate Weapon Specials

How to unlock new special for my weapon in Dauntless?

Each weapon gets a new special skill once you’ve reached mastery level 8 with that type of weapon. To do this, you’ll have to complete various tasks. These include doing staggering or wounding behemoths, doing a certain amount of damage, using a weapon with a certain element and such. You can always check your progress on these tasks by opening up the menu and looking at the Mastery category.

How to equip new special skills?

Once you’ve unlocked a new special skill, you’ll probably want to give it a go. To do this, you should first open up your inventory (loadout screen). Select the weapon and you’ll see a detailed description, along with a list of modifications. The first modifications slot is actually the one where the special skill goes. Select it, and a window will pop up on the right, containing all the skills you have available. Simply select the new one and you’re good to go.

Dauntless weapon specials list

Here’s a list of all the special skills for each weapon type. The first one is the default, the second is the one that’s unlocked at mastery level 8. The list doesnt’ include Ostian Repeaters, since they are customizable in a different way (by swapping parts).

  • Axe specials:
    • Flight of Ruin: Throws the axe, doing damage to everyone in its way. Use it again to return the axe and do an attack that generates resolve.
    • Grim Onslaught: Throws the axe, doing damage to everyone in its way. If it hits a behemoth, it’ll generate resolve and return to you automatically.
  • Chain blades specials:
    • Reaper’s Dance: If you’re close to a behemoth, push away and do damage. If you’re far, pull.
    • Cruel Riftstrike: Teleports you forward, damaging any enemies in your way. Can go through behemoths.
  • Hammer specials:
    • Concussive Salvo: Loads a bunch of ammo and shoots. Does damage and can interrupt behemoths.
    • Mighty Landbreaker: Loads ammo and shoots, creating an aether vent that applies buffs to all the players in a radius.
  • Sword specials:
    • Valiant Overdrive: When the meter is full, activate it to enter overdrive. This increases attack speed and causes you to do area of effect damage. Activating again while in overdrive makes you dash.
    • Ardent Cyclone: When the meter is full, activate to start spinning, damaging everyone you approach. Activating again while you’re spinning makes you slash in a certain direction, doing even mroe damage.
  • War pike specials:
    • Concussive Payload: Converts meter filled into ammo. When you hold the button, it’ll fire a missile that does damage and interrupts behemoths (uses up ammo).
    • Savage Wellspring: Converts meter filled into ammo. When you hold the button, it spends ammo to buff nearby allies with increased critical strike chance.
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