Log Locations in Dead Space 3 Chapter 8

I don’t know about you guys but all I could think of during this mission is how to get warm. finding Logs was not the main priority in my head.
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Still, I managed to find them all and here’s a screenshot guide to help you find them too if you are too worried about Isaac freezing to death.Log Locations in Chapter 8 Dead Space 3

Audio Log no.1

You will get to a pipeline of sorts and spot a metal container that is in fact a shelter. Once you enter the container use your Telekinesis to start up a generator. This will automatically play the Audio log and add it to your achievement.

Text Log no.1

In the same room is the first text log as well, opposite of the generator on the table.

Audio Log no.2

You will be walking through one of those big pipes and it will break. Once you fall down and deal with some enemies, continuing forward will get you to another metal container that contains the second Audio Log in this Chapter.
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