Death Stranding BB Suffering From Autotoxemia

The baby in Death Stranding is suffering from autotoxemia. It’s a condition that makes him much more irritable, hard to calm down and useless when it comes to detecting BTs. There’s a bar in the lower left corner of the screen that shows how healthy BB is, and when it drops to low levels, things become tricky. The upside is that you can easily heal him, or at least contain symptoms. This guide will show you how to deal with the issue of Death Stranding BB suffering from autotoxemia.

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death stranding bb suffering from autotoxemia
Death Stranding BB Suffering From Autotoxemia

How to heal & cure BB from autotoxemia

There’s no way to actually cure BB’s autotoxemia. It’s a pretty terrible condition, one that stems from the fact the baby is being braised in its own piss and shit all day long. Thankfully, there’s nothing a good, hearty sleep can’t solve in videogameland. That’s literally it. You just need to go to your private room and rest. Have a nap and you’ll be good to go. The toxicity levels will slowly rise again as you play, but going back and having another nap will normalize them.

To be fair, while you’re napping, BB’s jar is stuck in the suspicious receptacle in the wall. There might be a robot back there exchanging the stale septic water for fresh amniotic juice and doing a deep cleaning of both the baby and the jar. I’m not trying to lessen the impact a good nap can have on a person, and I’m no doctor, but autotoxemia doesn’t sound like something you can sleep off.

For more info on private rooms and what you can do in them, check out our Death Stranding private rooms guide. We’ve also written more about bodily fluids and how to use them in our Death Stranding EX grenades guide.

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