Death Stranding Private Rooms

Private Rooms in Death Stranding are basically hubs that you can find in the game across the map, and there’s a bunch of stuff you can do in them. They are a place to rest, restock, review your inventory, etc. Death Stranding private rooms are pretty important places, all in all. So, in our Death Stranding Private Rooms guide, we’re gonna show you what you can do in the private rooms in Death Stranding, including how to take a shower and use the toilet, how to unlock private rooms, how to pose for pictures in the mirror, and more.

Death Stranding Private Rooms
Death Stranding Private Rooms

How to Unlock & Access Private Rooms in Death Stranding?

To unlock and access private rooms in Death Stranding, you’ll have to play through several opening missions until they become available. Once you unlock Private Rooms, you can then access them in cities and / or distribution centers littered around the map. Later on, you’ll also have the option to craft Safe Houses, which also have safe rooms. Oh, and you can also run into safe houses that other players have built, which is pretty cool.

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The private rooms are basically hubs from which you can do a ton of stuff. Speaking of accessing private rooms, you can, for example, fast travel between those that you’ve already discovered. But that’s just one of many things to do, so let’s go ahead and list some other options that private rooms offer.

How to Shower & Use Toilet in Death Stranding?

To shower and use the toilet in Death Stranding, look to the left of your bed and highlight the shower / toilet combo. From there, press Triangle to take a shower, Circle to pee, or X to go number two. This option unlocks immediately upon discovering the first private room.

Now, you might be wondering, what earthly reason do I have to do this stuff? Well, one of the reasons is that showering and using the toilet grants you EX Grenades later on. There are very useful items that stun BPs and remove their tar-like film, opening them for serious damage. So there’s that.

Death Stranding Mirror How to Pose for & Take Photos?

To pose for and take photos in Death Stranding, highlight the sink, which is to the left of the shower, and press Square. When Sam approaches the mirror, move the right analog stick to strike different poses. When you’re satisfied with the results, press Square again to snap the photo. Admire your handiwork, and move on.

What Can You Do in Death Stranding Private Room?

There’s a number of other things you can do in your private room in Death Stranding. For example, you can drink the brutally shoved-in product placement, aka Monster Energy cans. They are on the table to the right of the bed. When you drink a Monster, you’ll boost your stamina by 10%. You can also soothe BB by approaching it and pressing Square. Another thing you can do is take a look through your weapon rack and equipment rack. Lastly, you can activate the terminal on the wall, to review the map, missions, tips, and other information.

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