Death Stranding Music Player Outside Private Room

Music Player outside the Private Room in Death Stranding, in the open world has been a debated point among players. The game allows you to unlock a wide selection of songs, and of course, people have been wondering how to listen to music in Death Stranding. There are obvious answers, like Private Rooms. However, what about listening to music in the Death Stranding open world? Is there some kind of portable music player or something? Well, the answer is a little complicated. Our Death Stranding Music Player Outside Private Room guide is gonna explain the situation.

Death Stranding Music Player Outside Private Room
Death Stranding Music Player Outside Private Room

How to Use Music Player in Death Stranding Open World – How to Play Music Outside Private Room?

To use the Music Player outside the Private Room, in the Open World, there’s only one option for you. Push through the game until you get the option to create constructions of your own. You can also upgrade said structure, and at level 2, the game lets you customize your construction. You can put various holograms to greet people that come across them, but you can also put on a song that you’ve unlocked, which will play as people approach it.

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That’s the only way to play music in Death Stranding while out in the open world. The game offers no option of, say, a portable music player. This kinda makes sense. The music that plays in the different regions and situations is important to the overall feel, so letting you listen to whatever you want might undercut some of the gravity of the situation. For this reason, you also can’t use Spotify with the game to play the official soundtrack as you please. You can listen to the playlist on your phone while playing the game, sure, but that’s not really it, is it?

How to Listen To Music in Death Stranding?

To listen to music in Death Stranding, aside from constructions in the open world and just using Spotify on your phone or whatever, the only other option is your Private Room. Any Private Room will do. To listen to music in your Private Room in Death Stranding, look to Sam’s right and activate the terminal, aka the big map on the wall. One of the options you have in the terminal menu is the music player, so put on whichever tune you want to listen to while you chill. That is, if you have it unlocked, of course. This is likely when you’ll unlock the Soothing Sounds trophy, which you get the first time you use the Music Player.

I believe that’s all there is to it when it comes to listening to music in Death Stranding, both outside a Private Room and inside. For further assistance, I refer you to our other Death Stranding guides. Like, for example, Pre-Order Gold Hat, Sunglasses & Speed Skeleton Location, Increase Carry Weight & Capacity, and Unlock More Delivery Bots.

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