Death Stranding Pre-Order Gold Hat, Sunglasses & Speed Skeleton Location

Pre-order gold hat, sunglasses, speed skeleton are Death Stranding digital bonus items that you get for pre-ordering the game, as well as getting a certain version of the game. The preorder items in Death Stranding also include a number of avatars, including Chibi Ludens, as well as gold armor plates, other types of gold skeletons, etc. However, some people have been wondering how exactly to unlock these bonus items in Death Stranding. Well, you don’t just get most of them at the start; you’ll have to work for them. In our Death Stranding Pre-Order Gold Hat, Sunglasses & Speed Skeleton Location guide, we’ll go into a little more detail about the matter.

Death Stranding Pre-Order Gold Hat Sunglasses & Speed Skeleton Location
Death Stranding Pre-Order Gold Hat, Sunglasses & Speed Skeleton Location

Where Do I Find My Pre-Order Avatar Bonus?

To find your pre-order avatar bonus in Death Stranding, highlight the game in the PlayStation menu, and move to the menu below. Go to the PlayStation Store tab. On the right, you’re gonna see all the additional items that you’ve gotten with the game. Select Avatars, and this will show you a list of them. Select the one you want and press X on one of the spanner icons to change your avatar. Now, these avatars should download automatically along with the game and other bonus items you might have paid for. If they don’t, you’ll have to download them automatically.

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How to Claim All the Death Stranding Preorder Items?

To claim all the preorder items in Death Stranding, aside from the avatars described above, you’ll have to unlock the base version of each item. For example, the Gold Power Skeleton. You’ll have to push through the game until The Engineer gives you access to the regular Power Skeleton. This will automatically unlock the gold version as well. The same goes for the Gold Speed Skeleton, Gold All-Terrain Skeleton, and the gold Armour Plate levels 1 and 2.

As for the Chiral Gold Ludens Mask sunglasses, “Sam” Sunglasses, and Bridges hat, the system is similar. Once you, say, unlock the Bridges Hat by playing through the game, you’ll then be able to put a gold skin on them in your private room. So yeah, those are just cosmetics for your cosmetics. But, hey; why be a regular postman when you can be a snazzy postman with a gold hat and sunglasses?

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