Death Stranding Weapons - Bola Gun, Anti-BT Handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle

Weapons are only one of the ways you can deal with enemies in Death Stranding. Since uncremated corpses turn into BTs, you probably won’t want to kill too many bandits on your adventures. Thankfully, there are also non-lethal variants that can disable your enemies without murdering them. If you’re wondering when it is that you get your first gun, keep reading our Death Stranding weapons guide. It’ll show you how to get all of the weapons in the game, including the bola gun, anti-BT handgun, shotgun, assault rifle and grenade launcher.

death stranding weapons
Death Stranding Weapons – Bola, Sticky Gun, Anti-BT Handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle

Bola Gun

The bola gun shoots out a projectile that can tie up human enemies. Kicking them while they’re tied will knock them out. After you upgrade it, it’ll allow you to tie up BTs as well. You can get it from the Craftsman prepper. He can be found in the northeast of the Central Region. The upgrade is also available from him, after you improve your relationship to 3 stars.

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Anti-BT Handgun

The Anti-BT handgun is the first weapon you’ll get that allows you to harm BTs. It’s a reward for helping the Chiral Artist prepper in chapter 3. He can be found in the southeast of the Central Region, and he’ll also give you the upgrade schematic if you’re good enough to him.


This is a standard pistol. You’ll get it from South Knot City, in the southeastern corner of the Central Region. Updating your reputation with this city will also grant you the blueprint for the upgrade.

Assault Rifle

You’ll get the basic assault rifle at the same time you obtain the handgun – from South Knot City. To upgrade it, you’ll need to help the distribution center north of Mountain Knot City (northwestern corner of Central Region). The final upgrade can be obtained by raising the reputation with Mountain Knot City to 3 stars (you’ll find it in the mountains in the west of Central Region).

Non-lethal Assault Rifle

The non-lethal assault rifle is a godsend, an automatic weapon that doesn’t kill enemies. You’ll first get it from the waystation north of Mountain Knot City, which is in the middle of the northern border of Central Region. The first upgrade schematic can be obtained from the distribution center north of Mountain Knot City (the one where you get the regular assault rifle upgrade as well). The last one is a reward for getting 3 stars in your Mountain Knot City reputation.

Shotgun & Riot Shotgun

These are pretty self-explanatory – they shoot a bunch of projectiles at once, with a spread that makes them dangerous but imprecise. You’ll get them both from the Photographer, a prepper living on the western border of Central Region. The upgrades are unlocked as you increase your reputation with him.

Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher is one of the only weapons you won’t get simply by playing the main story. It’s a reward from the Evo-devo Biologist, a prepper found in the southwestern corner of Central Region. Increasing your reputation with them will also unlock the Multi-rocket launcher, which is pretty much the same as this, but better.


There are several types of grenades in the game, and all have their uses. Apart from the first ones, all are reputation rewards from different places and people:

  • EX grenades: obtained by collecting Sam’s bodily fluids.
  • Hematic grenades: obtained from Capital Knot City.
  • Smoke grenades: obtained from the Engineer.
  • Grenades: obtained from South Knot City.

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