Death Stranding Game Difficulty

Game difficulty in Death Stranding is going to impact your experience with the game quite a bit. Which Death Stranding difficulty you choose will vary depending on your experience with this type of game, as well as how much of a challenge you want. If you do find the game to easy or difficult, you can always change the difficulty in Death Stranding from the menu. All that said, welcome to our Death Stranding Game Difficulty guide is gonna show you what difficulty to pick, as well as how to change difficulty in Death Stranding on the fly.

Death Stranding Game Difficulty
Death Stranding Game Difficulty

Game Difficulty in Death Stranding – What to Choose?

Which game difficulty in Death Stranding you choose is gonna vary depending on your experience with action games and the overall experience you want. At the start of the game, you get to pick how hard you want the game to be, and there are four options: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, and Hard. The game provides you helpful descriptions for each mode, so let’s see what we can learn.

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Very Easy is the difficulty you should choose if you want to experience Death Stranding more like a movie. The challenge will be fairly mild, and you can mostly just waltz through the game without any headaches. Easy difficulty provides a more substantial challenge than Very Easy, but not so that you find yourself struggling. Basically, it’s for those who do have some experience, but find action games difficult. Or, you know, if you want to experience some gameplay, but you still care more about the story.

The Normal Difficulty, as the name implies, offers a balance between challenging gameplay and story. It’s for people who know their way around action games. Lastly, there’s Hard Mode, which is gonna require you to really know your way around this type of game. However, the description does promise “a true sense of accomplishment” upon completion. Subtle.

Just know that there is no “true” way to experience Death Stranding. Whatever appeals to you is the way to go. Besides, it’s not like you’re connected at the hip with the difficulty you choose at the start. Which brings us to our next point in the smoothest of segues I’ve ever come up with.

How to Change Game Difficulty in Death Stranding?

To change the game difficulty in Death Stranding, go into your Cuff Links menu. From there, select System, then go to Options. Find the Game Settings tab, and select it. That’s where the game difficulty option is. You can then lower or increase the difficulty however you please. There’s one important point to bring up here, though. If you swap the difficulty on the fly, Death Stranding will drag you back to your last save point. So, yeah, don’t just do this willy-nilly; make sure you really wanna do it and sacrifice some progress.

And there you have it. If you’re struggling with something else in the game, feel free to check out some of our other Death Stranding guides. For example, Death Stranding Likes Guide – How to Get More, Death Stranding EX Grenades, or Power Skeleton – Location & Upgrade.

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