Destiny’s Age of Triumph launch trailer

Bungie is ready to bring Destiny to a close. The Destiny 2 leak is all the rage at the moment, while the final update for the original Destiny is coming on March 28.

The expectations from Bungie when Destiny was concerned were quite large. The company that practically brought FPS to consoles perfected their trade with Destiny, creating a technically smooth, endlessly playable game that initially lacked content. This was later changed with expansions, but the rich lore that was contained in the Grimoire Cards never really came to life. Perhaps something for Bungie to realize in the sequel.

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As far as the changes are concerned, the trailer hints at differences in the Crota’s End raid that we have expected based on the statement of David Dague, Bungie’s community manager, who said that “Crota has undergone probably the most changes as part of Age of Triumph”. There is most certainly some rework of this old raid section.

This is the definite swan song for the game and the community, and Bungie is trying to encourage players to return for one last time to the game they had reportedly spent two billion hours playing altogether. The four major raids will get updated, some final achievements will be added, as a way of saying goodbye.

At the moment it is unknown which way Bungie will go with the sequel, so there are only speculations. What is sure is that the millions of players have a solid opportunity to get reminded of the years spent with the multiplayer firs person shooter.

In other news, probably the last secrets held by Destiny were uncovered by a team that spent last two years trying to get into the Atheon throne room in the Vault of Glass. Kind of fitting for the end of an era for Destiny.

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