Destiny’s game within a game: the hidden road to Atheon throne room

There is something utterly fascinating in finding ways to manipulate or advance in a game that not even its creators have thought of. The secret passages, weird glitches, accidental findings, it all plays a part in the majority of speed runs. Just recently, the sprawling epic that is the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild was braved in just one hour. Here, we have something else. A terrifying and beautiful insight into two years of research and trial-and-error which allowed some Destiny players to reach the Atheon throne room in the Vault of Glass in quite a unique way.

Members of a sub-Reddit dedicated to finding Destiny secrets have been trying to get to places they are not supposed to get to for a while now. They have finally succeeded in their self-inflicted mission, braving the dangers of the unknown, unfiltered matrix of Destiny. The idea of dreamspace from Inception comes to mind, or at least a version of it.

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It seems appropriate they have succeeded in their mission just as Destiny itself is at the end of its own. The developers are already working on Destiny 2. The final update for Destiny, Age of Triumph, will change some of the raids when it comes out on March 28, including the one regarding the above video, set in the Vault of Glass. The developers aim to bring higher level challenges and prizes to the old missions, making them more interesting to tackle for even the highest level players. This might change enough content so that the journey that was taken in the above video will no longer be possible. In which case this gorgeous moment of freedom will mean even more to the guys behind it.

And to us all, it should be a reminder to how magical and otherworldly the non-scripted game areas can sometimes be.

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