Destiny 2 poster leaked in Italy

Destiny 2 posters have surfaced depicting Destiny 2 and hinting at a potential launch on September 8. The Italian in the picture not only states the date but also claims that beta will be available in advance. This is nothing new, as the original Destiny was available both in the Alpha and Beta before launch, and having in mind the powerful pre-order culture that exists, there is more than one reason for Bungie to actually plan a beta release.

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destiny 2 poster leak
The poster that launched a thousand questions.

As usual, both the developer, Bungie, and the publisher, Activision, are keeping quiet about this, so the information cannot be confirmed at this moment. Still, with Destiny reaching the end of the road with the Age of Triumph update, this will probably be the time for them to open up about the sequel. Perhaps as an Easter egg for those who finish all the stuff added in the update? Time will tell.

If we take a look at the art more closely, there is a ‘lega dei guardiani’ phrase in the lower left, meaning ‘alliance of the guardians’. The background color matches the one in game artwork, which in turn matches the game case of the original and its expansions, as well as the marketing materials from their cooperation with Sony.

Destiny 2 is definitely one of the heavy hitters of 2017 and we will hear more about it sooner than later, however, at this moment we can only speculate as to what Bungie and Activision have in mind. Still, with over 20 million players reportedly amassing over two billion hours of play, Bungie must be doing something right. And if we look back at the start, they did promise to have a 10-year plan for Destiny. We are not even half way there.


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