Mass Effect Andromeda was ‘almost inspired’ by No Man’s Sky

There are things that should probably not be mentioned when your own game is not garnering the praises and sales that it perhaps would were it not for the technical issues. One of those things is definitely to mention that you wanted to do what probably the most hated game of 2016 did.

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mass effect andromeda gone gold
A bit of Krogan poetry: “Let me not to the procedural generation find impediments.”

Fabrice Condominas, producer on the new ME game, did reveal recently in Australia that the Mass Effect Andromeda team were considering using procedural generation for their world building. He said that it did not work out in the end, as the team was “already deep in development”. He does admit they have been trying to make it work for a year or so, but the procedurally generated content never reached the desire level of quality they needed.

With the current bit of a mess of a situation (Mess Effect, anyone?), with the infamous animation glitches, especially regarding facial animation, one might shudder at the thought of the vistas of Andromeda looking more like those of early No Man’s Sky. That would be truly an unfortunate marriage.

Looking at No Man’s Sky today, the story is quite different. The team have been hard at work for some months and have published two updates that really helped make the game work and feel more like something the players expected back in the day. This is especially valid when talking about the second, ‘Pathfinder’, update. It brought new graphics update, exocrafts, and base building options. It’s getting there.

One can hope that Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game with a much larger team can get their act together and make things work. So far, there are two things worthy of praise regarding the game: the multiplayer and the companion app. And let’s face it, none of those is the reason most people like Mass Effect.

If you are already playing (and perhaps enjoying) ME: Andromeda, good for you. Make sure to drop by for some extensive knowledge we prepared on how to play the game.