Destiny 2 Gofannon Forge - How to Start & Complete Quest

Gofannon Forge, the second Black Armory Forge in Destiny 2, is hidden behind a lengthy quest chain. To find Gofannon Forge, you first have to start the appropriate quest by finding a certain item. Then, you have to go through an arduous, grindy string of quest steps. However, possibly the biggest issue here is how to start the Gofannon Forge quest line. Our Destiny 2 Gofannon Forge – How to Start & Complete Quest is going to answer that question, and show you how to complete the whole Gofannon Forge quest chain.

Destiny 2 Gofannon Forge - How to Start & Complete Quest
Destiny 2 Gofannon Forge – How to Start & Complete Quest

How to Start Gofannon Forge Quest?

To start the Gofannon Forge, you’ll have to kill Fallen. The aim is to get the blue item called Stolen Black Armory Gear. I’m not sure if there’s any particular rhyme or reason to when and how this item drops. For now, it seems to be random; although, it does seem like they tend to drop from Captains. Feel free to correct us in the comments. Anyway, once you get the Stolen Black Armory Gear, go and speak to Ada to get the next step in the quest.

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How to Complete Gofannon Forge Quest Chain?

To complete the Gofannon Forge Quest Chain, after speaking to Ada, you have to collect 35 Tainted Gear. This is a pretty grindy part. What you have to do to get Tainted Gear is to perform precision kills on Fallen scattered around the galaxy. Where you kill them does not appear to matter; all you have to do is find Fallen and wipe them with Precision Kills. After you grind out 35, you then have to go to Tangled Shore and talk to Spider.

Needle in the Tangled Shore Quest – How to Finish?

Spider will then give you the Needle in the Tangled Shore quest step. There are two sub-steps here: Completing the Cryo-Pod Heroic Event at Thieve’s Landing, and defeating Fallen enemies with melee damage on the Tangled Shore. The latter is pretty self-explanatory. For the former, check out our Heroic Cryo Pod Public Event – How to Start guide.

How to Do Scourge of the Armory Gofannon Forge Quest?

The next step you have to complete is the Scourge of the Armory. The description of the quest makes it seem difficult: track the origin of tainted gear by investigating Fallen caches in the EDZ. What that actually means is that you’ll have to do the Lost Sectors in the EDZ. There’s a ton of Lost Sectors down there; if you need a refresher, check out our Lost Sectors Locations – European Dead Zone guide. Fortunately, Spider will tell you where you need to go. Just head towards wherever the game takes you and investigate Fallen Caches (huge black boxes, it’s hard to miss them) until the game tells you to stop, basically.

Time for yet another incredibly annoying step – Siviks’s Delivery Note. This segment is simple – track down Captains on Nessus. That’s exactly what you have to do – murder the hell out of some high-value targets on Nessus (for example, like in Exodus Crash). Basically, you’re looking for the named targets with the huge, yellow health bars. Tip: they seem to spawn more often when a public event starts nearby.

Gofannon Forge Quest Line Final Step – Origin: Nessus

The final step in this ordeal (penultimate, if you want to be pedantic), will take you to one of the Nessus Lost Sectors. Basically, just follow the quest marker that the game provides for you; just tag the quest, and you should be golden. After completing this mission, you have to go to the Gofannon Forge itself. If you’re having trouble finding it, check out our Gofannon Forge Location – Where to Find guide. Now, all that’s left to do is go to Ada. She will give you the Basic Sniper Rifle Frame.

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  1. The stolen black armory gear dropped from a dregs for me

    1. J

      Yup. It’ll drop from literally any Fallen enemy after completing the Volundr Forge.

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