Destiny 2 Nessus Lost Sector Locations

Nessus Lost Sectors are activities on the third planet in Destiny 2. There are five of them, and they’re not exactly hidden. However, the map is pretty busy, and the icons are practically the same color as the background, making them really hard to spot. Don’t worry, though – we’ve found them all, and we’re going to share them in our Destiny 2 Nessus Lost Sector locations.

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destiny 2 nessus lost sector locations
Destiny 2 Nessus Lost Sector Locations

Where are all the Lost Sectors on Nessus?

The Lost Sectors on Nessus are scattered around the map. There’s one each at Exodus Black, Artifact’s Edge, Glade of Echoes, The Cistern and The Tangle. Here’s how to get to them:

  1. Rift – Land at Exodus Black and head towards the western wall. The entrance is pretty big, and hard to miss.
  2. Carrion Pit – This one is in the Glade of Echoes, right in the middle of the area. The entrance is the burning wreckage, under some scrap metal. Once you go in, turn right and go through the container.
  3. Orrery – You’ll find this one at Artifact’s Edge, on the north side of the small zone. It’s under the entrance to the big tunnel, on the right. When you reach the pit inside, continue forward.
  4. Ancient’s Haunt – Go to the Tangle, and head towards the western cliff. Look for some crooked trees – the entrance is under them, behind the stone with the mark.
  5. Conflux – It’s in the northwestern part of the Cistern. The entrance is next to the waterfall by the giant tree. Just follow the corridors once you’re inside.

And that’s it – one of the easiest ways to get Nessus Tokens. Each cache will contain several of them, getting you closer to that vendor reward. If you’re having troubles with loot sectors in other areas, check out the guides we’ve written for EDZ and Titan.

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