Destiny 2 Weapon Core Locations & Compound Ether - Volundr & Gofannon

Weapon core is a new item in Destiny 2. You’ll need to get one for your first quest in the Black Armory update, after you speak with Ada-1 for the first time. She’ll give you a basic machine gun frame, and send you to the European Dead Zone to find a stolen weapon core and charge it up with compound ether. If you’re having trouble finding either of these, keep reading our Destiny 2 weapon core location guide.

Where to find weapon core in Destiny 2?

The descriptions of the basic weapon frame you’ll get from the vendor says you’ll find the core in a stolen Black Armory crate in the EDZ. Specifically, it points you towards the Outskirts and The Gulch. What you need to do is go to one of these areas and look for a big black box. It will appear near a orange-bar enemy, but you won’t need to kill the enemy to loot it. In our case, it was a Servitor with “Saboteur of The Forge” in its name.

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Gofannon Forge Weapon Core

If you’re after the sniper rifle from the Gofannon Forge on Nessus, you’ll need to look for the weapon core elsewhere. It’ll show up either in Artifact’s Edge, or the Hallows. The principle is the same – look for a Black Armory chest near a high-value target.

How to get compound ether in Destiny 2?

Once you have the core, you’ll need to charge it with 25 units of compound ether. The descriptions mentions you can get it by defeating Fallen enemies. So it’s only a matter of finding a sufficient number of those in the shortest amount of time. Since you’re probably still on the EDZ, your best bet would be to travel to the church, the one where Devrim Kay hangs out. All the enemies that spawn around the church, save for a group of Cabal, are strictly Fallen. You can even do this step before getting the core.

Once you’ve got the core and the ether, you’ll get the next quest step, which requires you to perform power weapon multi kills, and power weapon hive kills. Easy peasy, but a little grindy.

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    Is there a bug right now because it hasn’t spawned in either location for me

    1. R

      No. there isnt a bug. It just takes 10 min to spawn

  2. D

    A note that should be mentioned is that defeating the saboteur is an option but also a way to collect black armory weapons of a lower tier of course…i spent hrs farming and got all except the shotgun.

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    I have not gotten 1 compound ether, and I have been playing it on nessus and the edz???

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    I cant seem to find any compound ether

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    same here, ether isn´t spawning, this is my 3nd character

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