Destiny 2 Scourge of The Past Raid Rewards - Loot, Weapons, Armor

Scourge of the Past rewards are legendary and exotic weapons in Destiny 2. You’ll get them when completing the new Black Armory raid in the Last City. There’s one armor set for each class, and a bunch of new weapons. If you’re interested in what they look like, their stats or anything else about these items, keep reading our Destiny 2 Scourge of The Past raid rewards guide.

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If you need help with any of the puzzles in the raid, or the Insurrection Prime boss fight, check out our Scourge of the Past raid guide. There are only two highly visible chests in the entire raid. The first is after the first phase, at the entrance to the sewer maze. The second appears after you beat Insurrection Prime. Only one team member needs to open the chest, and everyone else will automatically get their rewards. There might be some secret chests in the raid as well, but nobody has reported finding any.

Scourge of the Past armor sets

There are three new armor sets here, all legendary. The titans will get pieces of the Bulletsmith’s Ire set, the warlocks will receive Gunsmith’s Devotion outfit, while the hunters can look forward to the Bladesmith’s Memory.

Scourge of the Past weapons

There are several legendary and exotic weapons you can get from the new raid, including the Tempered Dynamo fusion rifle, the Anarchy grenade launcher, the Threat Level shotgun, the No Feelings scout rifle and the Bellowing Giant rocket launcher. We’ll update with their perks and images as soon as they become available.

Scourge of the Past sparrow, emblems, shaders

From what we’ve seen on the streams, there’s one sparrow you can get in the raid, called Always on Time. There are a couple of emblems as well – Recovered Memories and Scourge of Nothing. We haven’t heard of anybody getting any new shaders, but it’s a possibility.

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