How to farm and use Splicer Key in Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny’s latest expansion “Rise of Iron” brings many secrets for players to discover, and one of them is the purpose of Splicer Key. This new item can be used for different things – from looting chests to starting quests.
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In this guide we’ll tell you how to how to get Splicer Keys and how to use them.

splicer key destiny

Best place for farming Splicer Key

Your best chance for getting Splicer Key is by defeating Brood enemies. There are lot of them scattered throughout the map, but you should look for Brood Wizards, Brood Knights and Brood Mothers. Those are yellow-bar enemies. As far as we know, completing main story missions will boost your chances of getting Splicer Key.

The best place for farming Brood enemies is in the Plaguelands patrol. Next to a spawn area you should see Brood Wizard, whose drop rate for the key is 100%. Anyone who makes any damage to the wizard will get the key. After that, go back to the orbit and repeat the process.

If you’re in a Fireteam while farming Brood Mother / Wizard / Knight, only one Guardian needs to shoot/kill it for everyone to get the reward. You can split and farm them on different locations at the same time, and all of you from the Fireteam will get the keys. (thanks QuicksandGM)

If you spawn in the particular spot in the patrol, and you don’t see the wizard, it means that someone else has already killed him. The respawn rate of the brood wizards is about 3 minutes.

Important Note: You can hold 40 keys: 10 keys per character and 10 in your vault.

How to use Splicer Key

  1. Exotic hunters will find this key extremely important since you need one to start the Iron Gjallarhorn quest.
  2. When you die in the Archon Forge Arena you need a key to get back in. Just use it on the terminal.
  3. During the Plaguelands patrol you’ll need Splicer keys to open chests.

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