Introducing Darth Vader | Star Wars: Battlefront

Over on their official Star Wars: Battlefront blog, EA have published a few choice details about Darth Vader and how it will be like stepping into his shoes when the game launches.

star wars battlefront darth vader
Even though he’s only one of the playable villains in the upcoming game, Darth Vader is definitely the most recognizable one. When playing as him, you’d best focus on close quarter combat, where his heavy lightsaber attacks are too much for any single player to withstand on his own.

He’ll have some long range attacks as well – a Force Choke that can disable and move enemies from a distance, as well as a Sabre Throw with an area-of-effect.
Sadly, when you get to play him, you’ll only get around 2 minutes to do your worst. After that, it’s back to grunt form.

The best way to deal with him will be to call for backup, obviously. Always try to flank him, as he can’t defend himself very well from the back and sides.

Star Wars: Battelfront is going to be released on November 17th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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