New Destiny Legendary Engrams & Glimmer Farming Location on Venus

UPDATE: 26th September: We have a brand new cave location for you on the planet Earth still farmable after the hotfix! – New Legendary Engrams Farming Cave Location on the Earth

UPDATE: 25th September: With the latest Destiny HotFix, this cave has very slow creature respawn of approximately 40 seconds, and we can’t recommend it as a good farming location anymore!

On planet Venus head to Ember Caves area, where you will find another cave with quick rewpawning creatures level 11.
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This spot is not far away from the starting location in a free roam patrol Venus. Just like the farming spot in the cave on the planet Earth the creatures will start spawning when you move away from the cave entrance, thus, go to the left side behind a blue tank. For Vandal mobs use your Rocket Launcher, while Fusion Rifle save for the Captain and his shield. If you consume Spirit Bloom item, it will increase the Glimmer drop. You can also complete Queen’s Wrath bounty – Extermination Protocol where you have to defeat 200 Fallen with headshots.



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    Patched now, no use – 40 second delay until the next batch will respawn :[

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