Destiny Queen's Wrath event guide

Queen's Wrath EventNew event was just made available in Destiny called The Queen’s Wrath. Queen of the Reef (asteroid belt region on Destiny’s map – you got to meet her in story missions) asks of guardians from September 23rd until October 6th to join her in new bounties and challenging mission modes.
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This event introduces new reputation for you to grind for and a new vendor that sells legendary items for Glimmer (based on the reputation you earned with the Queen). Once you do at least one bounty for the Queen you will also unlock a Mission (or Kill Order as it’s called in the game) you can do. This mission can be accessed where you do all your daily and weekly missions (galaxy map) and when I did it for the first time it was the last story mission “The Black Garden”.

Queen’s Wrath Vendor Items

Once you reach Ranks two and three with the Queen you can visit the vendor located behind the Bounty Tracker on the Tower and purchase Legendary items and weapons (also two shaders and class items) for Glimmer. Click here for location of the vendor and list of all the items you can purchase.

The Queen’s Wrath Bounties

You are offered to do 6 Reef bounties, two of which are for the Crucible and four are PvE bounties. If you do all of them you will get 500 reputation with the Queen. You need 1000 reputation for Rank 1, 3000 for Rank 2, and 5000 for Rank 3, which means you will have to do a lot of these bounties to fully rank up with the Queen. Here is a short overview of all bounties with some tips.

Story bounties

Bounty: Archon Slayer
Description: Defeat Riksis, the Devil Archon, in the Cosmodrome on Earth.
Notes: Do the mission Restoration on Earth and end boss there is Riksis, the Devil Archon. You can do the mission at pretty much any level – kill will count.
Bounty: Last Day of Winter
Description: Defeat Draksis, Winter Kell, in the Scourge of Winter on Venus.
Notes: Do the Scourge of Winter story mission on Venus.

Patrol Bounties

Bounty: Extermination Protocol
Description: Defeat 200 Fallen with headshots.
Notes: Do the Story Mission bounties where you will fight a lot of Fallen. Use your Scout Rifle and Sniper for as many headshots as possible.
You can complete this bounty on new Engrams & Glimmer farming spot on Venus in Ember Caves area. There is a cave with fast respawning Fallen creatures.

Bounty: Relic Harvest – Fallen
Description: Collect 200 Ether Drops from Fallen Enemies on any planet.
Notes: You get two bounties to do story missions with a lot of fallen enemies. Just do all these bounties together. For maximum efficiency you want to hunt for “yellow health bar Fallen enemies”. Killing those yields 20 Ether Drops for a single enemy. Killing Fallen Bosses (or Ultras as they are called) rewards 50 Ether Drops. You can also do a strike on Earth where you will encounter many Ultra and Major Fallen.

Bounty: Face Your Fears
Description: Defeat 3 Fallen Walkers
Notes: Fallen Walkers can be found on Earth while completing The Devil’s Lair Strike or Public Events, but it’s important that you kill the creatures, it doesn’t count if someone else kills them. During The Devil’s Lair strike, when you pass the area where you have to deactivate Mesh Layers, you will find Fallen Walkers. You can also find them during Public Events on Earth in the Divide area at X:15 and X:40 (where X is every hour). You can check out our detailed guide for best Public events route.

Crucible Bounties

Bounty: For Her Honor
Win 3 Crucible matches with the Queen’s Class, Emblem and Shader items equipped.
Currently (September 24th) impossible to complete because you can’t obtain rank 3 in such a short time.

Bounty: Off with Their Heads.
Defeat 15 Guardians with Sniper Rifle headshots.

Bounty: Her Willful Gaze
Description: Defeat 20 Guardians with Scout Rifle headshots.

Bounty: By Thy Hand
Description: Defeat 20 Guardians with Hand Cannon headshots.

The Queen’s Wrath Kill Order

Kill Order is similar to daily story missions. You unlock them by doing a Reef Bounty first (check your inventory, mission tab). For each bounty you do you will get a Mission order to do one of the Queen’s Wrath Kill Orders. These orders are basically level 24 story missions with Epic modifier that you get to play by going to your travels screen and choosing the mission just like you would a regular Daily story mission or Weekly Strike. Epic modifier says that “Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers“. I also believe that that modifier that prevents ammo dropping for your currently equipped weapon is also enabled as part of the Epic modifier.

Firs mission I got to do was actually the last story mission of the game “The Black Gate” where you need to kill three bosses at the end. I am lvl 26 titan and if I didn’t have friends come along I would have still been doing that because that was very tough. I would recommend you bring weapons with Void damage because it seems a lot of enemies are vulnerable to Void. I also used Arc damage machine gun against certain enemies. Great thing about these missions is that as a reward you will probably get a Legendary Chest or Head item!

Legendary Item Rewards:

TIP: If you get a duplicate item, break it down and you’ll receive 3 Ascendant Shards, some glimmer and parts. (UPDATE: Since September 25th hotfix patch this is no longer true. You do not get any Ascendant Shards from breaking down legendary items that are rewarded from Queen’s Kill Orders)
We would like to thank reddit users Quietly-Confident, RadiantViper, alzos, DamienMartin21, fallensbane, Jyon, tektonicgymrat, kayleon for sharing legendary item rewards with the community.



  1. X
    xander cage

    Tip, level up the gear a bit before dismantling it, usually that makes them drop more materials (I would suggest leveling up until the point where the next upgrade requires shards–which you obviously don’t want to do–and dismantling it, it works for rares and uncommons at least, just swap it out before turning in bounties to level it up without ever actually using it).

    1. J

      any proof on that?

      1. J

        He’s right mate! I even upgrade my green armor and weapons – armor give me double the glimmer, and an extra plasteel plating…same for guns. More parts, and more glimmer

        1. K

          well it costs glimmer to upgrade, so its just the parts that you take advantage of

    2. A
      AKI Nagato

      I’ve been wondering if this is true or not. I have some legendary gear sitting around that I’ve been hesitant to dismantle without leveling up a bit more, but this is a complete waste of time unless it results in me getting more shards on dismantle. Which I hope it will. But I have no real proof/evidence and haven’t been able to find any online…

  2. E

    Epic is always active but 2 other modifiers activate randomly. Also if you don’t like the mission it gave you, orbit out and start it again, you can get a different mission as well as different mods.

    1. S

      I would like to add to what eretchedsmurf had to say. The first modifier is always epic, but the second is always a damage type bonus. I.E, the void symbol means extra void damage. This bonus is considerable, so a sunsinger may want to switch to void walker, and switch out that legendary shotgun for a void sniper. The third is almost, if not always Angry (enemy units never flinch, looks like a shield) or Lightswitch (enemy units do considerably more melee damage, looks kind of like a bloom)

  3. A

    You might wanna re-check the into in this guide. It seems you’ve made an error on the “Face Your Fears” bounty. Thanks…

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Thanks for pointing this out. I fixed the error, and described “Face Your Fears” bounty correctly.

      1. R

        Also for Face your Fears: if you go to the spot where the walker spawns in the strike, but during patrol, he will be there. My group also found that you don’t have to get the kill shot, just be near each other when the kill happens. This game works on a system where anyone near a person who makes a kill also gets the kill to prevent farming and kill sniping issues.

  4. S

    Just got Rank 1 with the Queen. Xp to rank 2 is 3000. not 2000.

  5. M

    Do you need to be a certain level to activate the queens wrath? I’m level 21 at the minute and cant seem to find her quests?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Thank you for the correction.

    2. R

      You have to be level 26 to see the bounties. I just figured that out myself. I just leveled up to 26 and now I can see them. I do have both the expansions so I’m not sure if that impacts it as well.

  6. E

    Need some partners for The queens wrath kill orders, I have tons of them to do. add me on PS3 – ID – DeadWolfKnight

  7. Z

    The queen’s event legendary gear no longer drops ascendent shards when disassembled. Makes this event pretty much worthless once you get the few items it drops.

  8. H

    Just a tip for The Black Garden, stay in the back, use a machinegun with voiddamage and spray the bosses in the weakspot. The mobs around dissapear when the boss is downed, witch means the 2 first bosses mobs will not bother you while facing the last one.

    Tip for Restoration, stay in the back by the stairs, use a hand cannon to get headshots on the fallen. Use sniper to take out boss. The mobs will not run into the room with the stairs. You got to kill the shanks thou, these will follow you into the “stair-room” (use super to get them fast). If you got the headshot bounty while doing this bounty/kill order (is used as both), you will get about 50 easy headshots from mobs spawning during boss-fight.

  9. B

    Has anyone had the experience that the same loot drops for the specific mission? I had randomly done the same mission 3 times and received the same chest piece each time. Did another mission, got a headpiece. Now I wonder if I do the right mission will I get the ship or the sniper rifle?

    1. K

      I’ve gotten either helmet or chest piece every single time, no matter what mission I do for the Queen, I get the same armor. I have never even SEEN the sniper rifle or ship, but I’d really like one…

  10. W
    Willbo clarkins of clarkin

    Lol you all are pathic losers. Put down the controller get a real life

  11. W

    Hi. I need someone to do the Queens kill order missions with. Add me on ps4, wne20.

  12. A

    Yesterday evening on my third run I got the chest piece + ship + sniper (on a single fn’ run), just after dropping the head 2 times in a row. My mate was mad. I still have a hard-on.

  13. N

    You may want to add that you get bonus reputation if you have any of the Queen’s items equipped. At least, I seem to get bonus rep when I turn in bounties now that I’ve gotten equipment from her. Someone else may want to confirm this but this would’ve helped me out a lot when the event first started.

  14. W
    walter stevens

    Can I still get queens guard helmet for the titan

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