Destiny Year 2 Moments of Triumph

Year 2 Moments of Triumph are a new set of challenges in Destiny, added to commemorate the passing of the second year. All of them are related to Year 2 content – playing new raids and instances, finding new calcified fragments, etc.
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Completing them will reward you with several shaders and emblems. This guide will show you Destiny Year 2 Moments of Triumph, how to unlock them and which rewards you’ll get.

year 2 moments of triumph

Moments of Triumph in Year 2

This year’s Moments of Triumph are all related to Year 2 content, and you’ll need The Taken King for most of them. The deadline for completing them is September 20th. Here are the challenges:
  • A Blade Reborn – Get an Exotic Sword from Lord Shaxx.
  • Challenge of the Elders – Complete an Elder Sigil scorecard in Prison of Elders.
  • Eris Morn’s Revenge – Collect all Calcified Fragments.
  • Return to the Reef – Finish quests At the Gates and Return to the Prison.
  • The Play’s the Thing – Finish the main story of The Taken King.
  • The Sword Logic – Defeat Oryx in King’s Fall raid on Hard difficulty.
  • The Third Element – Equip a fully leveled Year 2 subclass on a character.
  • This is Amazing – Complete “The Mountaintop” in the Crucible.
The rewards come after every two challenges, so there’s four of them. Once you’ve completed everything, you’ll also get the opportunity to buy an exclusive t-shirt, with proceeds going to charity. You’ll need to obtain a record book from the Postmaster to track your progress while in the game. Here’s a list of the shaders and emblems you’ll get:
  • Caelestis Armor Shader (2 challenges)
  • Shield of the Traveler Emblem (4 challenges)
  • Dawncaller Armor Shader (6 challenges)
  • Hear the Call Emblem (8 challenges)
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