All in The Family SM09 Side Mission | Deus Ex Mankind Divided

All in The Family is a side mission in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It is only available under specific conditions, and a couple of choices you can make earlier can block you from ever seeing it. It involves kidnapping a man from a Dvali safehouse without being seen. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll receive the All in the Family achievement. In this walkthrough, we’re going to show you how to start SM09 All in the Family in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, as well as how to complete it.

How to start: You’ll have to complete SM04: The Calibrator by making a deal with Otar. This way, you’ll owe him a favor. After that, you have to either kill or warn Gallois in Golem city (mission M07), by choosing the Discuss Dvalis option in conversation. When you return to Prague, Otar will call and send you to the Red Queen, to talk to Masa in the manager’s office upstairs.

Infiltrate the Dvali safehouse

Description: I’m brokering a reconciliation between Otar Botkoveli and Masa Kadlek, the owner of the Red Queen. Kadlek wants a low-ranking thug named Dominik abducted from a rival Dvali safehouse – all without raising the alarm.

Go to the alley behind the Irish Stool bar. You’ll encounter a locked gate. If you have the jumping augment, you’ll be able to climb the wall to the right of the gate. Climb the ladder and jump onto the balcony on the left.

Find the control room

Description: Masa mentioned this place had a surveillance network. Getting Dominik out without being seen might be easier if I find the local security hub first.

This step isn’t mandatory, but it’s easy and shuts off the cameras and alarms. As you enter through the balcony, go straight into the kitchen and deal with the two thugs (wait for one of them to go to the bathroom). Exit into the hallway and climb to the top floor. Enter apartment 95 – the one in the middle. Look for a button on the TV stand – when you press it, it will reveal a secret door on the opposite wall. Enter the room, hack the computer there and turn off all the security equipment.

Find and incapacitate Dominik

Description: I’m inside the safehouse, along with a bunch of Dvali goons. When I find Dominik, he’s not going to be cooperative – I’ll need to knock him out cold.

Go down to the ground floor and deal with the two goons in the courtyard. Go into the laundry room on the left – that’s where you’ll find Dominik. You’ll recognize him by a tatoo sleeve on his arm.

Store Dominik in the locker

Description: Now that Dominik and I are acquainted, I have to get him to the rendezvous. And if I want to stay on OPtar and Masa’s good sides, I have to do it without anyone knowing I was here.

Drag Dominik and go out the same way you went in. Watch out when throwing him off the balcony – he can get stuck in the props on the ground. When he’s down, stuff him into the storage locker nearby and close the door. This will end the quest and unlock the All in The Family trophy.

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  1. Q

    uy cant hack that cmaputer ur guid is pointless.

  2. I

    Yes you can. Good guide.

  3. S

    Idk if anyone will see this, but my game seems to be messed up on this quest. The two thugs guarding the entrance are there, but there is absolutely no one inside the apartments or theater. There is also no button to open the security hub. Can anyone help? (I’m on console btw)

    1. A

      Same here, been looking for a fix, but there doesn,t seem to be any online

      1. N

        The button is hidden under a desk in the apartment

    2. R

      Same problem, no solution

      1. R

        ok, I did a couple of other mission objectives and they spowned

  4. M

    Awful mission, especially “find the control room”. One would assume this might be somewhere in the secret cellars, but no, it’s all just fluff. The missions are full of fluff that takes away hours. And of course spammed hackabale devices. Awful design.

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