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Fade to Black is the seventh side mission you can take on while playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided. If you choose to pursue it, you’ll have to find out what happend to a missing undercover agent of TF29, Vincent Black. You’ll have to get involved with the Dvali smugglers to get the info you need, and there’s a big twist waiting for you at the end. You’ll unlock the Handle With Care achievement if you choose to help a certain someone in this quest. This walkthrough will show you how to begin and complete SM07 Fade to Black in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

How to start: Go to Director Miller’s office in the TF29 building and talk to Dr. Auzenne.

Search Vince Black’s office

Description: Vince Black hasn’t come in from an undercover Dvali operation. I promised Dr. Delara Auzenne that I’d look into his whereabouts.

Simply go to Vince’s office, open his laptop and read through his emails. You can also crack his safe if you need an extra silencer.

Meet Vince Black’s informant

Description: According to an email on Vince Black’s computer, he was supposed to rendezvous with an informant named Dobromila. The meeting was scheduled to take place at a nightclub called The Red Queen, deep in Dvali territory.

Go to the Red Queen club in the far east of the city. Once inside, climb upstairs and go to the balcony. Your contact is a woman with short, blonde hair. If you tell her the truth, she’ll invite you to meet in the ugly part of town.

Go to the meeting spot

Description: Dobromila was supposed to give Vince Black information about her Dvali husband. She’s my best link to Vince Black’s current whereabouts, but she refuses to go into detail until we meet somewhere secluded. She mentioned a courtyard by the tracks in Prekazka.

Go to courtyard near the checkpoint in the southern part of town. You’ll meet Dobromila there, followed by two thugs. Deal with them before they can kill her. Give her the money (or a train ticket), and she’ll show you towards your next goal.

Investigate Vlasta’s locker

Description: Dobromila’s husband runs a Dvali smuggling operation out of a storage locker outside the Palisade Property Bank. The exact locations of this locker is the information Vince Black was trying so hard to get his hands on.

Use the code Dobromila gave you to enter the storage unit near Palisade Bank. Move the painting on the left wall to get to a switch which will open the secret passage. Following it will lead you into the basement where Olivia is.

Talk to her – we chose to “acknowledge” and “sympathize”. She’ll give you the location of Vince’s apartment. After that, Vlasta will show up. We chose to “negotiate passage” and “bribe” him with 1800 credits. This allowed us to progress, and it also meant we’d get the Handle With Care trophy once the mission was over..

Find Vince Black’s apartment

Description: An augmented woman named Olivie was using the Dvali smuggling operation to escape Golem. One of the people she had to pay along the way was Vince Black. The more I learn about Black the more questions I have. How far will a man go to maintain his cover? How long before he loses his way back? Before he breaks… The one sure thing I know about Vincent Black right now is where he lived – the basement of a convenience store in the Davny district.

Go to Vince’s hideout below the store in the eastern part of town. You’ll find his corpse in front of the TV. Make sure you move the body and get the pocket secretary – it will fill in a few gaps.

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  1. A

    If you don’t ask Dobromila any questions in the club the thugs won’t turn up

    1. O

      so this dobromila girl betrayed vince?

      1. M

        Incoming lengthy post, apologies in advance :/

        It’s never explicitly stated, but I seriously doubt it for several reasons.

        For one thing, when Adam first meets Dobromila he can impersonate Vince, which implies that Dobromila has never seen Vince, which in turn means that she couldn’t have been the one to get close to him. It is certainly possible that she is lying, but that doesn’t make any sense; if she had already met up with Vince and lured him into the trap where Vlasta ventilates him, why would she return to the meeting place and wait for Adam? Even if the Dvalis had a way of knowing that *another* Interpol agent was going to be poking around at the Red Queen looking for an informant, if Dobromila simply didn’t show up to the meeting the investigation would’ve stalled with minimal effort on their part.

        Also, if you ignore Dobromila’s sensible warning about the guards that are staring directly at you during the conversation at the Red Queen, they show up at the meeting place and try to shoot her. Why would they do that if she was on their side? If Dobromila was luring Adam into a similar trap they would’ve shot exclusively at him. Plus, why would she ask for such a small sum of credits? If she was trying to get Adam killed she could’ve just taken all of his credits off his corpse.

        So basically that’s just a really long-winded way of me saying that I don’t think she had anything to do with his murder because it really doesn’t make any sense to me. Unless Dobromila is just a terrible, terrible spy.

  2. B

    Thanks for the decent guide.
    You can also convince Vlasta to let you go and not hurt Olivie using the Social Enhancer Augmentation, You’ll to press RT in the right moment and just chose the right dialogues, which in advance also unlocks the Handle With Care achievement .

  3. A

    If you you the social enhancer aug and talk to Olivie afterwards she’ll give you a praxis kit.

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