Samizdat Side Mission SM05 | Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Samizdat is a side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. If you choose to play it, you’ll either help or hinder a group of dissident journalists working out of a sewer base.
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One of the paths includes solving a difficult mechanical puzzle. If you choose to help the freedom fighters, you’ll unlock the Samizdat achievement. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to start and complete SM05 Samizdat in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

How to start: Talk to Peter Chang from TF29.

Find the source of the hacks

Description: Someone’s taken an interest in TF29’s front company. Chang was able to trace the hack to a top floor apartment at 33 Hlavni.

Go to apartment 302 at the given adress. You can enter through the window overlooking the courtyard, using the ledges. Use the messenger program on the laptop to get Samizdat’s address.

Find Samizdat in Davny district

Description: Whoever’s been digging into Praha Dovoz is a member of Samizdat – a rogue media outfit holed up in the seweres in the Davny district. The kinds of people who seem eager to expose whatever and whenever they can. If they know about TF29’s secret location, it may not be long before every terrorist in Europe does too.

Go down into the sewer in the eastern part of town, next to the music shop. Go right, then left into the tunnel. When you enter the room, climb onto the large pipes. Jump onto the ledge on the left, then follow the tunnel until you reach an opening on your right.

Keep Samizdat from exposing TF29

Description: I’m on the inside trying to play the long game. I can’t afford to have some rogue journalists getting in the way and making things complicated, not to mention risking the lives of the agents I work with. Samizdat need to forget whatever they think they know about Praha Dovoz.

There are several ways to resolve your conversation with K. You can decide to kill them or disable them (knocking them out means they will be placed in TF29 prison) right then and there, but that won’t help you get the achievement. You can agree to help them during the conversation, which will continue the quest. Trying to intimidate them won’t work and you’ll just miss out on the achievement. If you have the Social Enhancer augmentation you will also get the option to persuade them to stop their investigation. Use conversation option Objectify twice and K will drop the Praha Dovoz thing. You can still accept to help them out with searching for info even if you successfully persuade them.

Dig up dirt in the CEO’s office

Description: I’ve agreed to help K with his media crusade. He says the CEO of Palisade Property Bank – Ashani Talwar – likes to keep dirt on all her clients, including Picus Media. If I can get into her office and find incriminating information about Picus – a dossier or an email – K will drop his investigation into Praha Dovoz.

Go to Palisade Bank and get up to Level 3 – if you’ve got some fancy augs, you can use the route in the video below. It requires invisibility and good hacking skills. If not, go to the basement and find the elevator keycard. When you get to level 3, go left into the CEO’s office and solve the mechanical puzzle. This will open up the hidden room – there’s a wall safe inside, with the dossier you’re looking for. If the puzzle’s too hard for you (and you’ve got the jumping improvement), you can enter the vent behind the large screen and take a detour. You can also pick up another piece of evidence. On the lower shelf of CEO’s desk is “Drinking Water Analysis Results” document you can also turn in as evidence.

Return the dirt on Picus to K

Description: I’ve managed to dig up some dirt on Picus. This seems like exactly the kind of news that K is eager to share with the public. It should be more than enough to overshadow whatever interest he had in Praha Dovoz.

Go back to the sewer base and give the files you found to K.

Override the city’s info hub

Description: K needs me to do one last thing to help him upload Samizdat’s version of the news: give him access to the city’s information panels. If the authorities weren’t gunning for this little media group before, they will be now.