Is Diablo Immortal Coming to Xbox?

Looking for the Diablo Immortal release date on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One? The latest entry in the iconic action RPG series has just arrived for mobile devices and PC. However, the PC version has been revealed rather late in development, to the delight of numerous PC gamers. This brings hope to console players as we might get to see Diablo Immortal on consoles as well. So, is Diablo Immortal coming to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox one? Here’s what we know.

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Is Diablo Immortal Coming to Xbox?

Diablo Immortal Xbox Release Date

So, when is the Diablo Immortal release date on Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One? Well, there currently is no release date for Xbox consoles. Blizzard hasn’t revealed any official plans to port the game to consoles. The same goes for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles. However, the game’s core design is well suited for console play. That’s because the way you control the game on mobile is rather similar to how would you play on consoles.

In fact, Diablo Immortal launched with native support for controllers. You can play the game with various controllers and the controls are implemented impeccably. The fact that it already feels great to play with a control further supports the idea that the game will eventually be released on consoles. In total, four different Xbox controllers are supported for Diablo Immortal: Xbox Adaptive Controller, Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Controller, Xbox Series X/S Bluetooth Controller, Xbox Elite Controller, and Xbox Elite Controller Series 2.

Finally, we should also take into consideration that Microsoft has recently acquired Activision-Blizzard for a whopping $68.7B. And while the whole process will be completed sometime in 2023, it would be only natural that Blizzard is preparing accordingly. And that probably includes Diablo Immortal port to Xbox consoles. Thus, our guess is that we will eventually get an Xbox version of the game. When Blizzard released any new details, we will make sure to update the article.

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