Rune Locations | Dishonored 2

Rune Locations in Mission 3 The Good Doctor

1. In act 3 of Dishonored 2, the first Rune is in the dining hall, which is packed with guards.
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To get to the dining hall, go left from the main atrium. It is possible to sneak around over the railing on the left and get the Rune of the wall without being noticed, but you can approach the however you want, depending on your playthrough.

2. The second rune in mission 3 is in the Recuperation room. From the Hypatia’s office door, go down the stairs and turn right to find the Recuperation room. It’s full of bloodflies, so be ready. Open the door and the Rune is right there in plain sight on a bloodfly nest. Grab the Rune and get the hell out.

3 and 4. To get the third and the fourth rune, go back to the door of Hypatia’s office. Face the door and turn right and go outside. Turn left, then right. Walk across the wide terrace, then through the only open doorway on the right. In the hallway with the big windows, turn left and go into the first left door. You’ll find an Outsider shrine and your Runes there.

5. Go to the 4th floor of the mansion, and exit to the roof. This rune is in the ventilation system of the building. You will need to do some climbing (or use powers to get up there).

6. In that same room where you took the 5th rune, there is an elevator shaft. Push the button to call the elevator, and then destroy the red counterweights that are holding the elevator. It will drop down creating a new passage for you. Go down and on the left side of the room you will find the rune.

Mission 4 The Clockwork Mansion Rune Locations

1. To find the first Rune in mission 4 of Dishonored 2, go into the bloodfly-infested building that says KEEP OUT! on it in huge, red letters. Make your way through the building to the second floor. The door is barred, so jump through the small window on the left. There’s a crack in the wall, and you can see the Outsider Shrine through it.
2. To find the second Rune in Dishonored 2 act 4, go behind the Carriage Station into a dark alley. You’ll go past some people talking about some jewel heist. Be careful, because they are a gang and will try to get a drop on you. Dispatch them or use your powers to sneak or climb around them. In their “yard” is an upturned cabinet of some kind. The Rune is right there.
3. The following Rune is in the black market. It’s located in the first part of the level. Next to the huge signal light is a staircase going down. There’s a black market symbol (hands with black fingers and an arrow under them). Go down the stairs and follow the hallway to the market.

4. The next Rune is in the Upper Aventa District. Go to the building on the left of the condemned one with the huge KEEP OUT sign. Use your powers to reach the right balcony on the first floor. Make your way through the apartment, ignoring the inhabitants, to the last room on the left. The Rune is in the writing desk.

5. The final rune in act 4 is in Jindosh’s Laboratory. Use the console in the Laboratory to bring up the “Anatomy” version of the lab. The Rune is on the table on the right.

Mission 5: Royal Conservatory Rune Locations

1. The first rune can be bought from the black market merchant in Cyria Gardens. As soon as you leave the boat, go into the passage on the left, above the canal. Go through the steel door on the left, and you’ll find the trader.

2. There are two runes in a hidden outsider shrine. Climb to the roof of the red building with a pub inside. Teleport onto the terrace of the green building and go inside. Go to the upper floor, and you’ll find the shrine surrounded by plants.

3. Go into the conservatory from the side entrance (where the fountain is). Go into the office on the left and get the key from the wall. Return to the room and go straight. Unlock the gate next to the ape picture. The rune will be next to the table.

4. On the second floor of the main part of the building. From the balcony, go into the hallway and towards the lounge by the stairs. The rune will be on the sofa.

5. Climb the top floor of the main area. Find the painting with the white lines and crosses. Go into the large office nearby. Take the stairs up and follow the corridor. Look for a small shrine near the tree.