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Mission 6: Dust District rune locations

1. When you talked to Megan Foster, head outside and you will see a statue.
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There is a wodden door below you. Destroy the door and in the room on your right will be a rune. 2. Second rune is found in the Seized building. It is on the second floor. Watch out for the bloodflies nest, as the building is infested. 3 and 4. Both of these runes are in The Crone’s Hand Saloon building. When you take the last entrance on the left, and head upstairs on to the 2nd floor, you will find an Outsider shrine with two runes. 5. The last rune in this level is in the heavily guarded Overseer builidng with the entrance to the right. It is found on the 2nd floor, behind the breakable door.

Mission 7: A Crack in the Slab Rune Locations

1. To get the first rune, go through the main doors, and head up stairs. You will find a rune as you go through the door and check the left side of the room.

2. When you are in the past, in the basement, look for a Valve’s wheel. Once you found it, throw it through the hole in the brick wall. Go to the present and go through the wall. Take the wheel and dive into the water. You can then attach the wheel, and turn it so the water will disappear. You can then take the rune from a nearby crate. 3. The last rune on the level is on the 2nd floor. From the tree, go upstairs, and head right. In the past, there will be a worker and a guard next to a broken window. Knock out or kill the worker and go back to the present. Window is still not fixed, so you can pass. You will find a room with several guards there (in the past). Sneak by or kill them and take the rune.

Mission 8: The Grand Palace Rune Locations

1. Find the apartment building with a windmill. On the second floor, find the balcony under the windmill. Use your powers to get up there. Be careful, it’s crawling with bloodflies. Find the bathroom in the apartment. The rune is under the sink.
2. Go to Winslow’s store and get the Black Market Gate Code. Leave the store and turn left and around the store. Go into the alley and enter the code. Climb the little stone wall and head left towards the light beacon. If you don’t have the code, find the group of people surrounding some street musicians and climb up the boxes on the right. Look around and you’ll find a small, barricaded passageway. Break down the barricade and go inside to the Outsider’s shrine.

3. To reach this Rune, go into the secret chamber of the Palace (behind the secret door in the “Personnel Only” section, press the button to the left of the wooden wall to open it) and into the shrine to Delilah. To the left of the shrine is a small boarded-up passage. Break the planks and drop into the water. Swim down the corridor and dive in when the ceiling goes too low. Swim to the left and down into the small opening. The Rune is right in front of you. Grab it and hurry back to the surface.
4. The following Rune is in a safe. The combination of the safe is on the desk in the Duke’s office. To get to the office, take the elevator to the third floor. Take the door to the right between the two lions. The desk is to the right. Now go back to the elevator and go two floors down (Reception and Dining). Go right from the elevator, and go through the first door on the right (also flanked by two stone lions). Go right again, head up the steps and open the door. Go into the First Captain’s suite and just walk forward. The safe is in the bottom of the office. Unlock it and collect the Rune.

Mission 9: Death to the Empress Runes

1. The first rune can be bought from the black market. As you arrive at the pier, go to the first building on the right.

2. When you get to the pile of rubble blocking the road, teleport up the ruined building on your right. Once you’re inside, teleport onto the terrace across the street. Enter the apartment, and go to the room with the big painting. Use the barometer on the wall to access the secret room, where you’ll find an Outsider shrine with two runes.

3. When you get to the tower courtyard, and the gazebo where empress Jessamine was killed, go down to the pump room. Enter it, and climb the walkway above the pipes. Find an opening by the wall and drop down. You’ll find the rune in the crawlspace there.

4. When you go past the kitchen and down into the basement, where the security room is, you’ll find another rune. It’s on a pipe near the place where you activate the elevator.



  1. F

    My mission end screen said there are six runes, but the heart only revealed three. This guide also says there are three. Any idea what’s going on?

    1. D

      The heart will only show runes and bone charms for the map you are currently on. Make sure to pull the heart out after every loading screen.

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