Warlords of New York Hunters Locations in Division 2

New York hunters are new hidden bosses in The Division 2. They were added in the Warlords of New York expansion, and there’s four of them in total. They’re all level 40, extremely difficult to kill, and you can’t even find them easily. Each one is hidden behind a series of tasks. Once you’ve completed them, the hunter will spawn, allowing you a shot at their mask and other gear. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will show you Division 2 Warlords of New York hunters locations.

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If you’re looking for the four new hunters on the old map, we’ve written a guide with Washington DC hunter locations as well.

School hunter location – Civic Center

In order to spawn the two hunters in the Civic Center area, you’ll have to complete a series of steps. First off, go to the UDBG laundromat in Canal Street, on the northeastern border of the area. Go inside, and through the door on the right. Look for a washing machine with the number 23 on it in the middle section. Interact with it, and the power will go out.

The next step includes going to a garage on the border between Two Bridges and Civic Center, halfway between the two areas’ safe houses. Go around the building until you find a yellow container. Use it to jump over the wall, then scale the opposite wall as well. Look for a yellow fuse box high up on the wall on the left – shoot it, then go back over the wall. You’ll find the door to the garage open. Go inside and hug the left wall until you reach a big blue fuse box. Interact with it to get a new fuse.

Now you need to go back to the laundromat. Install the fuse into the box on the wall on the left, then interact with washing machine 23 again. It’ll drop Apartment 23 Key. Go up the stairs and into said apartment, then interact with the cryptic numbers on the wall.

The numbers point towards another apartment, this time in a building near Columbus Park. Go to the street north of the park, and look for a clothing shop with a yellow banner above the storefront. Go into the alley next to it, then look up and shoot the sand bag. Climb the rope, then go down the ladder. Cross the planks to the roofs on the other side of the alley, then follow them to the fire escape. Go up and jump over the railing, onto the terrace. Look over your shoulder, up and to the left, and shoot the yellow box on the building with the blackened windows. Go through the door it opens and follow the corridor. Enter the apartment and go into the far room – you’ll find a charred corpse there, with the words “dare you to come closer” written on the wall above it. Interact with the body.

For the last step, you’ll have to go to the site of the great fire in front of the giant skyscraper at The Arch, in the eastern corner of Civic Center. In front of the building, you’ll find a dead body in the ashes, near the entrance. Interact with it, and a pair of fresh new level 40 hunters will appear in order to rend you to shreds. If you manage to defeat them, you’ll get the Psycho & Drip masks.

Memorial plaza hunter spawn – Financial District

There’s one hunter in the Financial District. You can start hunting him by going to the Memorial Plaza, the little square with many flag poles north of the Waterfront control point. Look for a tiny yellow generator on the south side of the square and interact with it.

Afterwards, go to the Waterfront control point and clear it. Head into the supply room on the first floor (the white double door) and go down the stairs to the shore. You’ll find a flag in the mud next to the shipwreck. Pick it up.

For the next step, you should head over to the eastern part of the waterfront – more specifically, to Pier 26. Once you’re there, head right along the coast until you reach a sunken ship. There’s going to be another flag on the ground here, and you should pick it up.

The third flag is on the building across the street from Celebration Hotel, another control point. Once you’ve freed it, climb the battlements and shoot the padlock off the gate on the red brick building across the street. Then go around it and climb up until you reach a gate with a mesh fence and barbed wire. Open it up (that’s the one you shot the padlock off) and you’ll see the flag on the ground.

The fourth flag is in a construction yard a bit northeast from the safe house in the area. Go into the yard and follow the pontoon to the big yellow pump. Turn it on and it’ll drain the dig, allowing you to wade through the mud. You’ll find the flag next to the ramp you used to reach the pump.

Once you have all four flags, you’ll have to wait for nightfall. Go back to Memorial Plaza, where the whole pursuit started, and raise the flags on the flagpoles that don’t already have one. When you’re done, go back to the generator and start it. If the time is right, a red spotlight will shine in the middle of the plaza and your new bestie will spawn.



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    Might be handy for people to know that to start the quest they can only interact with the generator at night. I had been running around thinking my game was bugged.

    1. S
      Slave name

      it’s funny (now), I didn’t see your comment at first. And I had the same issue with that generator. And because I’ve hit bugs with some DC hunters, I assumed that that was the case here. In hindsight, it seems obvious that you’d have to wait for dark to turn the lights on, but still. It had me bummed until I read another guide.

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      night time right now in game and still can’t interact with generator

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    Any info on the other 2 locations?

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    We have to understand when this guy says northeast he really means southeast cuase hes an absolute legend

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      Anyone that writes division “guides” for games, has NO IDEA what cardinal directions are.

      Fallen for it on multiple locations.


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    you talk about four hunters but give three hunters, seems your story is incomplete

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