Division 2 Best Weapons - Starting & Endgame

Choosing the best weapon in The Division 2 is not easy, as it depends on a lot of factors. Your playstyle is the biggest, but your team composition, the types of environments you fight in, how heavily you rely on skills, how good your aim is – these all come into consideration. With that in mind, we’ve written a guide to point you towards some of the Division 2 best weapons, both for starting and for the endgame.

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division 2 best weapons starting endgame
Division 2 Best Weapons – Starting & Endgame

Best starting weapons

If you’ve preordered the game, the Lullaby shotgun is pretty essential, once you open up the additional weapon slot. If you’ve got a good aim, you’ll probably want to stick a rifle in the other slot. They’re pretty versatile, and if you find something with low recoil, like the SIG 716 CQB, it could serve you well for a long time.

From there, you can slowly begin to learn what suits you and what works best in which situations. Marksman rifles kick like a mule, but they do a lot of damage in one shot. LMGs are great against armored enemies, but you can get tired of the constant reloading. You’ll probably use one slot for your favorite weapon, and the other for a situational thing that suits the mission you’re on – some will work better in open spaces, other in tight corridors.

Keep in mind you shouldn’t just be looking at the raw damage output. Every stat plays a role, and things like magazine size, fire rate, reload time, accuracy, stability and damage drop-off could make or break a weapon. See what works for you, then chase that.

Best endgame weapons

Random attribute rolls and weapon mods make it harder to reccomend a specific weapon for endgame, especially this early on. As you level up, you’ll discover what works best for you, and try to improve it even further with modifications.

That being said, some things do stand out, like the Military M60 E4 LMG. If you put in mods that increase critical chance and critical damage, you’ll end up with a pretty devastating weapon, and it repairs your armor on kills, while also having an increased rate of fire. If you like sniper rifles, the SR-1 is a great choice – it has increased accuracy and does more damage on the first body shot from a full magazine.

If it’s rifles you’re after, you could go worse than the M1A CQB. It does more damage to bleeding enemies and has an extended magazine. As for shotguns, a high-end SPAS-12 can work wonders – it refills the mag after 3 consecutive body shot kills, and gives 35% more damage for 15 seconds, while also giving more stability and letting you resist snare attempts.