Division 2 How to Leave Clan

Leaving a clan in Division 2 is, well, a thing you can do in the game. You might want to leave a Division 2 clan for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re unhappy with your clansmen, maybe you want to join a better clan; I don’t know your story. The issue is that leaving clans in The Division 2 is a little bit buried in the menu. And, besides, the PC interface is a little clunky at the best of times. With that in mind, here’s our Division 2 How to Leave Clan guide to show you exactly that; how to exit a clan in the Division 2.

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Division 2 How to Leave Clan
Division 2 How to Leave Clan

How to Leave Clans in The Division 2?

To leave your clan in The Division 2, the first step you need to take is go into the menu. From there, select the Clan option from the upper left corner. Next, select Roster, which is the middle option in the following screen. Now, find yourself in the list of clan members. Double-click on your name (or just press the Select button after highlighting yourself; it’s space on PC). Lastly, in the next screen, scroll down to the Leave Clan option. Select it, and you’re out of the clan, like you were never there.

And, well, make sure that you tell your friends before leaving a clan, right? It’s only the right thing to do, especially if you’re planning to go into a rival clan. Nobody wants to log in with friends, ready to shoot some crazed survivors of the Apocalypse, only to find out they’re one player short. Or, you know, don’t say anything if you want to be more sneaky about it, or just don’t care. Maybe they should add a trophy for it. Call it the Irish Goodbye achievement.

That’s all there is to leaving the clan in The Division 2. If you need more info on clans in the game, check out our When Can you Create a Clan – How to Recruit Grace Larson guide. Or, go ahead and take a look at our other Division 2 guide, of which we have quite a bit. Among many others, we’ve written Best Weapons – Starting & Endgame, How to Accept Request for Backup – Friend in Need Trophy, and Skill Power – How to Increase Skillpower.

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    Quick question as the title alreaddy said, do you loose the clan apperal items if you leave a clan? So can you join a higher level clan for the cosmetics and leave after or at a later state again?

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    Im in a clan and everyone either left or I booted now I’m all that’s left how do I close the clan so I can join another clan. The reason I booted people was so they could go to another clan and that was the easiest way for us to do it at the time

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