Division 2 Console Players Manage to Beat Dark Hours Raid

The console players of Division 2 have succeeded, after hours upon hours, in conquering the Dark Hours raid. While PC players first cleared it in five hours, and have since reduced the time to barely 25 minutes, console players took 17 hours on Xbox and 36 on PS4. This could be due to technical limitations, or improper teamwork, or maybe a smattering of both. You can do it, though. We believe in you!

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Division 2 Console Players Manage to Beat Dark Hours Raid
Division 2 Console Players Manage to Beat Dark Hours Raid

The first PC team that beat the Dark Hours Raid in The Division 2 took somewhere in the neighborhood of five hours. On consoles, however, the leaderboards were vacant for hours afterwards; well over a day, on PlayStation 4. That has finally changed, but at what cost? According to Kotaku, the first team to emerge victorious took 17 hours, and over 36 on PS4. The second party needed only 20 hours, so that’s encouraging, I guess. Meanwhile, PC players are pulling it off in under 30 minutes, in case you need a comparison.

But the important part is that they finally managed to do it. But why was it so much more punishing on consoles? Well, most people on the game’s subreddit seem to blame it on technical limitations. Since the raid requires a lot of precise shooting and fast movements, the inherent lower framerate on consoles immediately puts players at a disadvantage. However, it might also be due to lacking teamwork. As Zach Caraway, a member of the first team on PlayStation, told Kotaku: “I believe on the final boss and the first boss, it’s all about team coordination. We always had people up and shooting. Frame rate could be an issue for some on console but the main thing is just getting the right 8 guys/girls and keeping them going. Don’t fight and argue or it will cause disarray from were people need to be focused.”

Maybe it’s a bit of both, but the important part is that it’s doable. Now, even though people on all three platforms have managed to conquer the raid, it’s possible that you and your team are still struggling. Not everybody is a professional gaming streamer, after all. If you are having trouble, you might want to check out our Division 2 Raid guides, such as How To Save Raid Progress and Operation Dark Hours Raid Guide for a walkthrough. Good luck out there.

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