Division 2 Off-White Keys Locations

Off-white keys are new items in Division 2. They were added in the Warlords of New York expansion. You’ll need eight of them in order to open a mysterious crate in Haven, the new base of operations. The game doesn’t give you any hint as to where you should look for them, so it might be a bit of an issue. This guide is going to show you how to get off-white keys in Division 2.

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division 2 off-white keys locations
Division 2 Off-White Keys Locations

Where to find all 8 off-white keys?

You’re not going to like this – the only way to get off-white keys is by killing the new hunters. There’s eight of these level 40 elite enemies – four in New York, another four in Washington DC. Before you can kill any of them, you’ll first have to find them. They won’t spawn on their own. We have a guide with detailed instructions on how to spawn hunters in New York, and we’re working on doing the same for Washington DC.

Each hunter spawn is a puzzle comprised of a series of steps – go to a certain place, interact with something, pick up an item, kill someone, visit more places, do more things. It’s convoluted, and pretty much impossible for a lone wolf to solve on their own. It’s a community effort, and the community hasn’t yet managed to crack all of the codes and hints. We’re going to keep monitoring the situation closely, and we’ll update the guide with new info as soon as we have it.

In the meantime, you could kill time with diversions – we have guides that will help you collect all the SHD tech caches on each of the new maps, as well as instructions on how to access secret rooms on Dragov, Kajika and Parnell missions. That should tide you over until the hunters have been solved.