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The best builds in The Division are the ones that suit your needs. Deciding which skills and talents are right for you depends on many factors – your play style, the composition of your squad, the weapons and gear you own.
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This guide will show you the best builds, talents & skills in The Division, how to use them effectively and become a better player.

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After you’ve leveled up a little, you’ll be able to equip a maximum of three skills (two regular and a signature) and four talents. You can switch them at any time, which will allow you to finely tune your build until you’ve found the perfect setup. The same way you experiment with weapons, you could experiment with abilities.

Dedicated Medic Build

A dedicated medic is supposed to take care of his team. Although having the ability to remove status effects is nice, we feel the team doctor should always go for options that allow him to heal more.

1st SKILLFirst AidDefibrillator
2nd SKILLSupport StationAmmo Cache / Life Support
SIGNATURE SKILLRecovery Link(cannot be modded)
First Aid is a no-brainer – it’s the best way to most cost-effective way to heal your buddies. We’d go for the Defibrillator mod, which allows you to revive allies. Support Station is a great surrogate medic – especially when it has the Life Support mod. It can revive allies within range when you’re not around. Not as efficient as First Aid, but self-operated. Finally, Recovery Link is a must for every doctor. It heals, cures and revives buddies around you, making it a get-out-of-jail-free card that can get you out of all kinds of tight spots.

TALENTSTriageBattle BuddyCritical SaveCombat Medic
  • Triage makes the team more efficient as you heal your allies, reducing skill cooldowns across the squad.
  • Battle Buddy gives you breathing space after a revive, using a damage-reducing shield.
  • Critical Save provides you with more protection if you’re at low health and use a medkit.
  • Combat Medic lets you heal the whole squad with a medkit, if they’re close enough.

Lone Ranger Turret Build

If you’re playing solo, the turret can be your best friend. Teaming up with it can lead to many victories, if you play your cards right.

1st SKILLTurretDragonbreath
2nd SKILLFirst AidOverdose
SIGNATURE SKILLTactical Link(cannot be modded)
Turret is obviously required for this build. The Dragonbreath mod turns it into a flamethrower, decreasing its range and increasing its damage. First Aid will let you survive longer, with the mod giving you an overheal even. Tactical Link is the signature skill most suited to this build – it increases your damage output and chance of scoring a critical hit.

TALENTSAdrenalinePolice UpTech SupportWildfire
  • Adrenaline allows you to overheal yourself with medkits.
  • Police Up gives you a chance to refill your ammo after every kill.
  • Tech Support extends skill duration after a kill.
  • Wildfire gives you a chance to spread the fire from one target to others nearby.

Tank Build

The tank is someone who’s role is to take a beating instead of their teammates. If you’re going to be tanking, you need a lot of health, a lot of armor and a good healer to back you up.

1st SKILLBallistic ShieldKinetic Breaker
2nd SKILLMobile CoverExtension
SIGNATURE SKILLSurvivor Link(cannot be modded)
Ballistic Shield is a large shield you can hide behind, shooting only with your pistol. The mod we’ve chosen will grant you a portion of damage taken back as health. Mobile Cover lets you place improvised cover anywhere, anytime, while Extension makes it bigger and tougher, so it provides more protection and offers more space. Survivor Link increases the speed and defense of the entire team.

TALENTSTech SupportOn The MoveSteady HandsDesperate Times
  • Tech Support will increase your skill duration if you kill someone while the skill’s active.
  • On The Move increases your damage resistance if you kill someone while moving.
  • Steady Hands reduces recoil after you enter cover.
  • Desperate Times allows for more accuracy while your health is low.

AoE Damage Build

The bomber relies on explosive devices and talents that enhance them to dish out large amounts of damage to groups of enemies. He’s great at hurting people, but not so much at staying alive.

1st SKILLSticky BombBFB
2nd SKILLSeeker MineCluster
SIGNATURE SKILLTactical Link(cannot be modded)
Sticky Bomb is an explosive device that sticks to all kinds of surfaces – the BFB modification gives it a larger blast radius and more damage. Seeker Mine is a homing device that propells itself towards enemies, while the Cluster mod makes it split into smaller parts that go for more enemies. Tactical Link increases the damage output of the entire squad.

TALENTSDemolition ExpertChain ReactionPolice UpSteady Hands
  • Demolition Expert raises your explosive damage after you kill someone with a bomb.
  • Chain Reaction increases the explosive damage if you hit a group of enemies.
  • Police Up gives you a chance to restore your ammo after a skill kill.
  • Steady Hands reduces recoil for a while after you enter cover.
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