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The Final Curtain is an achievement in The Division. You get it at the end of the chain of story missions, by examining a particular ECHO.
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The collectible shows up on the map throughout the game, confusing players and making them think they’re missing something. This guide will show you how to unlock The Final Curtain achievement and how to get the hidden ECHO in Chelsea.

ECHOs are 3D hologram recordings that can be gathered as collectibles all around the map in The Division. They are created using data from security cameras, smartphones and various other devices. They let the player witness some past events that add to the game’s story. ECHOs are found on numerous locations in city districts, but it is the Chelsea ones that are probably of most interest to the players. The last one is a part of a quest that is unlocked only after you finish all of the main missions.

How to unlock The Final Curtain Trophy

After you complete all the main missions in The Division, you will unlock a quest where you will get an ECHO, the last of the Chelsea Intel Collectibles. It requires you to go to a location and investigate an unknown signal. To do that, simply get to the building on the corner of 10th Avenue and West 23rd Street. You will see a white door and a sign that says “Psychic Oracle.” Get inside and climb up. You will see a white round tent on the top floor and the collectible will be in front of it. The ECHO is called Invitation.

After you inspect it, you will see a notification in the upper left corner of the screen that says: You have earned a trophy! Here’s a video showing the process, if that suits you more.

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