Division Challenge Mode Guide

Challenge Mode is an end game activity in The Division. It unlocks after you hit level 30 and lets you play main missions on challenging difficulty.
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It’s extremely hard, but rewards you with high-end gear and Phoenix Credits. This guide will show you how to beat challenge mode in The Division and give you tips for surviving challenging missions.

division challenge mode guide

Challenge Mode Tips

You’ll need to play challenging missions with a team – preferrably someone you know instead of random strangers. It’s slow and painful, but the rewards you get are some of the best in the game. Here’s how you can achieve victory:

Squad Tips

  • You have to have at least one of each signature skill in your squad.
  • At least one squad member should have a Support Station (with the revive mod), and at least two should equip First Aid (one with Overheal, one with Defibrillator).
  • Microphones are mandatory – you need to be able to quickly call for help or warn others.
  • The team leader can mark enemies (Z on PC) in order to let everyone know who to concentrate on.

Weapon & Gear Tips

  • If your equipment isn’t at least all Superior, gear up. It’s advisable to have at least two or three High-end items on you.
  • If you don’t have at least 60,000 primary DPS and 60,000 health each, gear up. Make sure you look for stuff that increases Firearms and Stamina.
  • Marksman rifles are a must – the bonus headshot damage and long range will help you take down enemies more quickly and survive longer. Every member should carry one.
  • Don’t forget to get the best pistol you can – they have infinite ammo.
  • The secondary weapon should either be something that works great at short range (SMG, shotgun), or something that’s good for suppresion (LMG).
  • Incendiary grenades and flashbangs can stun enemies for a couple of seconds. The former even do damage.

Skill & Talent Tips

  • Make sure you’ve got the Repo Reaper talent – it will give you a bunch of primary ammo for pistol kills.
  • The Balistic Shield is amazing, paired with the Repo Reaper. We recommend the Reactive Targeting modification.
  • Police Up is also great, since it gives you a decent chance to refill your ammo after a skill kill.
  • After you’ve beefed up your DPS, consider using Gas Seeker Mines or Flashbang Sticky Grenades. Going for disruption instead of damage can be better if you already do a bunch of damage.
  • You can use Mobile Cover to block doors and control enemy movement.

Tactical Tips

  • Move slowly, so as to attract as few enemies as possible.
  • Know where the ammo crates are in every mission – since the challenge mode thugs are bullet sponges, you’ll often run out of ammo.
  • Never stay out of cover for too long.
  • Pull back all the time, and try to put as much distance between you and the enemies. When they try to flank you, retreat to a previous position.
  • Constantly aim for the head – you’ll chip their armor away much faster, and do more damage afterwards.
  • If the mission isn’t on a timer, use the period between skirmishes to wait for your cooldowns to end. It’s always better to run into trouble with your skills at the ready.
  • If your enemies aren’t aware of you, opening with a Cluster Seeker Mine is a good idea.
  • Use your Marksman rifle without zooming in – with a little practice, you’ll be able to land headshots pretty consistently, without having to sacrifice your field of view.
  • Always prioritize enemies that rush towards you – those with shotguns and melee weapons.

Challenge Mode Missions Guide

  1. Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint: In order to make this mission a lot easier you should take it slowly and fire from range. The hardest part is dealing with melee rushers, where players should use their ultimate abilities and take them down quickly. Take a look at our detailed guide Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Challenge Mode »
  2. Lexington Event Center: This mission is very hard on challenge mode since you’ll face the enemies level 32. The rewards include a yellow item and a handful of Phoenix Credits. Take a look at our detailed guide Lexington Event Center Challenge Mode »
  3. WarrenGate Power Plant: This one is especially hard, since there’s a timed sequence towards the end. You’ll have a tough time with the shield bearers which appear at several points. Check out our detailed guide for WarrenGate Power Plant Challenge Mode »
  4. Russian Consulate: The hardest of the available challenge mode missions, Russian Consulate takes place in closed spaces, with lots of choke points, low ceilings and relatively bad visibility. It’s full of shield bearers, shotgunners and tech enemies which use turrets and seeker mines. If you need help getting through it, be sure to take a look at our guide for Russian Consulate Challenge Mode »